Your Four-Step Guide To Effective Restaurant Marketing

August 26, 2023
The best restaurant marketing campaigns feature businesses making all the right moves. They showcase loyal customers and treat all areas…...
Your Four-Step Guide To Effective Restaurant Marketing featured image

The best restaurant marketing campaigns feature businesses making all the right moves. They showcase loyal customers and treat all areas of operation as part of marketing. Here are four steps with helpful resources to get started today...

The Restaurant Marketing Strategy That Brings Positive Online Reviews And Loyal Customers

The restaurant business can be a challenging industry to work in. There is a lot of competition constantly and consistently competing for the same customers.

Your establishment must always be running smoothly so your customers are happy with both the food and the service. In turn, you must stay ever ready to make positive changes:

And potentially more.

Below, you can review advice for running a favored restaurant you can be proud of and where people line up to dine. Here's your four-step guide to effective restaurant marketing.

Be Active On Social Media

These days people scroll through their feeds on several social media platforms. As a restaurant owner, your brand must be present and stay active on chosen, optimal online spaces.

You can share posts with news and details about new menu items or deals and promotions. It’s also an opportunity to create a community of loyal followers, and a way to regularly interact with your most loyal patrons. This Southwest Ohio Pizzeria is a terrific example.

Use your social media channels to hear what customers have to say and gain real-time feedback. Social media can also be used for customer service. A good social media consultant can help you best configure it.

Hire Good Employees

You should also have a recruiting strategy when you work in the restaurant business. It matters who you hire. They need to be a good fit.

Your team should be friendly and understand the food business, as well as mesh well with your company culture. You must be able to rely on your staff to deliver a positive experience within your workplace and with each customer they interact.

The best restaurant brands have a set structure for employee meetings and team huddles to work through any issues and address questions.

Have A Delivery And Take-Out Options

Post-pandemic, people are staying home more often. Customers want to have the option to order in or carry out. In many cases, it is wise to have an option for delivery as part of your restaurant operation. It is one way to increase sales.

Before making that move, review some food delivery business case studies so you can make your best decisions. Your customers want their food delivered quickly, on time and with easy payment options. If you are located in an area where efficient delivery will be challenging, find ways to offer both dine-in and take-out incentives.

Gather Feedback From Customers

Most people will not take the time to share their positive experiences. You don’t know how you’re truly performing in the restaurant industry unless you ask.

Be proactive about gathering feedback often from your customers. Give them different avenues for contacting you and your team.

Customer reviews -- especially for restaurants -- are nuggets of gold. This is valuable information you can use to apply within your business for improvements. Best places to collect online reviews:

Alexandra Bohigian outlines Small Business Marketing Tips at Idea Girl Media including Gather Reviews From Past Clients And Customers

  • Yelp
  • Open Table
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Contact Forms

Every now and then, there will be problems. These are opportunities to shine and gain your most loyal customers ... if you respond quickly and handle the issue appropriately.

Wrapping Up: Your Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Many restaurants are small businesses with small business owners that wear many hats. This article should help you understand that all areas of your operation are part of your restaurant marketing - either internal marketing or marketing to the masses.

Keep customers in mind at every turn and delegate where you are not an expert. Apply this advice at your workplace and you will be able to run a better restaurant that people can't wait to visit.

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