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Idea Girl Media has a global clientele in a diverse set of industries. Since our beginning, we have worked with business brands, public figures and non-profits of all sizes.

We have proudly served brands and professionals in the following sectors:

And executives and entrepreneurs from several niches. We are always happy to explore a new field.

Capital Investments
Financial Advising
Interior Design
Real Estate
Government Agencies
Internal Communications
Real Estate Development
Transportation & Logistics
Automotive Technologies
Executive Recruitment
Green Industries
Restaurant Dining
Trauma Recovery
Beauty & Cosmetics
Home Design
Marketing Services
Travel Services

If you like what you see here, let's talk about a collaborative partnership that adds value to your company and creates positive impact for your brand.

What you see here is the most appropriate and authentic representations possible, sometimes drilled down to the raw work.

Please note: Projects where we have signed NDAs are not included for view.

Featured Projects