Wisely Adapting To Today’s Workforce: The Office Space

February 27, 2018
Looking for office space for your growing company? Here are four factors to consider to ensure you are wisely adapting…...
Wisely Adapting To Today’s Workforce: The Office Space featured image

Looking for office space for your growing company? Here are four factors to consider to ensure you are wisely adapting to both today's workforce and available work spaces...

4 Factors To Consider Before Planning Your Company's Office Space

No matter where you look, it is obvious that the world has gone social. From social B2C or B2B networking to social teamwork, you can’t get away from the fact that today’s workforce expects a social aspect to their jobs.

Unfortunately, many companies have not caught up with the times, resulting in a contemporary workforce going about their duties like a fish out of water.  They are out of their element, yet we ask them to perform.

Social Talent Meets Workplace

If you're working toward wisely adapting to today's workforce: The office space is perhaps a place to re-examine how to give your valued team members what they need so that they, in turn, are able to provide the results you require as an employer.

If you are in the process of expansion and require larger, more centrally located office space, you can work with teams like The Workplace Company to help you find suitable office space that can be tailored to your needs.

The Society In Which They Were Raised

We have raised, and continue to raise, a generation of professionals who spend the bulk of their ‘off time' on social media. Many studied in open floor classrooms that focused on group activities and each had his or her own tablet assigned to access classwork, homework, and teacher conferences. Also true, professors impressed upon their students the need to bridge cultural gaps by creating teams tasked with completing a project by term’s end.

In other words, there is a definite connection between teamwork and social networking to get the job done.  Even busy call centers are beginning to learn the benefits of open floor plans in today’s workforce.

Today’s SMEs Are Removing Offices From Production Facilities

One thing you will also find when considering office space is the trend towards separating the front and back-end operations. Many of today’s most successful SMEs are finding office space in key urban areas while keeping production facilities in less densely populated areas.

This ultimately serves several purposes. Not only are centrally located urban areas more convenient for clients to access, but they are often fitted with the latest technology on site. Some offices available for rent have internet already hardwired where tenants can access their own providers or use the network offered as part of a package deal.

Striving Towards A Greener Future

Another benefit to keeping office space and production facilities separated is the world’s focus on going green.

In an effort to remove CO2 from already heavy levels in places like Beijing, Dehli, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo, we are seeing a trend where production is moving out of the cities. But, that leaves office workers without a home. The director or owner then needs to consider where to buy or rent office space for key staff.

By separating administration and production, now office staff and residents are removed from the toxic fumes, which can more easily be dispersed in rural areas. Although CO2 levels must be kept within government limits in most countries, they are not as overwhelming as they would be when compounded by automobiles and factories in higher concentrated areas.

Performance In A Contemporary World - Summary

In the end, today’s workforce seems to perform better if the social aspect of teamwork is prominent. Also, Millennials have a huge focus on sustainability, so keeping an urban office tends to satisfy their needs.

If you want your office team to perform as a team, give them the social and sustainable elements to their work environment and watch how productivity increases exponentially. It’s amazing what an office environment can do to make or break your team.


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