Turn Your Employees Into A Stellar Force Before The New Year

November 6, 2018
Would you like your employees to be productive as a team? Here are three ideas to implement in your new…...
Turn Your Employees Into A Stellar Force Before The New Year featured image

Would you like your employees to be productive as a team? Here are three ideas to implement in your new year planning to create that stellar force...

3 Ways To Value Your Employees And Get Results

When running a business, you can manage it all by yourself for only so long before you start getting overwhelmed.

In the beginning, you can easily get away with starting up from home, working in your living room, and ensuring that your site and products are all set up properly and ready for the public. After a while, there will be opportunities for you to expand what you have and become even more successful. However, in order to do that, you're going to have to get some help to share the workload, as opposed to doing everything yourself.

It can be hard to accept strangers coming in to do what you do, especially after managing everything on your own for a time.  But you need to move past this idea. It is a necessary means to progress.

When you have eventually found the right team after a very careful search and selection, it's up to you to figure out:

  • How to motivate your employees
  • How to make your employees feel like a team
  • How to get employees to do their job with satisfaction to your satisfaction

In other words: get the best from them in their roles.  This is usually a considerable focus during year end planning and new year planning.

Here's how to turn your employees into a stellar force before the new year.

Offer An Incentive

Offering incentives is a brilliant way to push your team that little bit further, even when they think they don't have anything more left to give. Considering the team that you have will determine the kind of incentive you should promote. Examples would be: 

  • A specific prize for reaching a milestone
  • A nice bottle of something for consistently great attitude, or even taking everyone out for a fancy meal on Friday after work
  • Bonuses for sales achievements

Essentially you just want something that will drive people to do better - to do more.

A Workshop

Sometimes in order to get the best outcome from your employees and their abilities, you will need to train them to tap into that. This can be achieved through behavioral leadership workshops.

Workshops should be centered around the science of behavior, and teach your employees how to apply specific tools and techniques to fully optimize their own performance. With the right program, your employees will walk out with a new found confidence to do incredible things within your business.

A "Team Recharging Unit"

There will absolutely be days where people wake up in a bad mood, or something happens that stresses them out at work. So much so that they want to walk out -- it happens to the best of us.

Rather than allowing people to leave and risk losing business, supply them with a "team recharging unit" where they can go to take a breather.  Consider creating one of these:

  • A break room
  • An employee lounge
  • A quiet corner
  • A walking track

Holding onto pent-up stress and pressure is not healthy, so by having an area to release all of that, your employees will be able to get back on track a lot quicker and easier.

How To Motivate Employees In The Workplace

Now that you have some examples of what you can do to get the best from your team, implement these strategies. You will likely see things start to improve relatively fast.

Remember that you deserve the best for you and your business ... and your employees.


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