Top Social Media Strategies For Car Dealerships

October 22, 2020
Automotive sales can be a tough business. So implementing successful social media strategies should be a top priority for sales…...
Top Social Media Strategies For Car Dealerships featured image

Automotive sales can be a tough business. So implementing successful social media strategies should be a top priority for sales managers. This article offers four social media marketing strategies that boost car sales...

4 Social Media Strategies That Bring Sales For Auto Dealerships

Social media absolutely changed the business playing field. The automotive industry is not exempt from the life-altering difference social platforms like Instagram and Facebook have made.

Recent studies have shown that car shoppers use social media platforms to make car purchasing decisions. Depending on where they are in their process, customers may even use social media more than they use your website. Understanding this fact can be a considerable factor of your business success.

If you are looking to bring in more traffic to your business, here are your top social media strategies for car dealerships.

Reach Your Ideal Customers On Facebook

Facebook ads are a smart way to market to your target audience. The platform is data rich, relatively easy to use, and trackable ... unlike traditional advertising.

Your Facebook ads will be shown to people who are already looking to buy a car. That makes it easier for you as Facebook has done all the analytical research for you. Your ad sets can be super-customized!

To reach your target market all you have to do is focus your demographics on factors like:

  • The geographic areas that surround your dealership
  • Specific types of vehicles you sell
  • Type of vehicle owned
  • Gender
  • Consumer interests

Really, the list could be quite long.

In fact, some dealerships find it best to work with a Facebook ads expert to ensure they stay within their advertising budget. The data is so plush, if you don't understand the platform, ads can get expensive. The expert would be able to choose the right specifications and manage the ad, which would end up saving you money in many situations.

In this niche, many feel the investment in Facebook ads is worth it.

Good Social Media Strategies Drive Sales On Twitter

Twitter moves fast. And it can be overwhelming. But once you find your rhythm in your niche and connect with the right people, you will be engaging with your potential customers in the Twittersphere.

Twitter has a useful advanced search tool that allows you to search for specific keywords. You should know your brand's keywords. You should also know the keywords your target market will react to.

It will take some digging on your end, but you can reach out to Twitter accounts using those keywords. Connect by:

  • Following their account
  • Re-tweeting them
  • Replying to one or more of their tweets
  • Sending them a direct message

You can even take out a Twitter ad that targets people who are in the market for a new car.

Instagram Is For The Millennials

If you want to attract more millennials to your business, Instagram is your social network. It is filled with attention-grabbing photos and videos.

Use Instagram to explain your brand’s story through:

  • Captivating photos
  • Fun branded GIFs
  • Stories spotlighting behind-the-scenes
  • Reels for entertainment and engagement
  • Comments, developing and nurturing customer relationships

Instagram can be the way your customers connect with your brand on a personal level, turning them into loyal customers.

Share Content On Youtube For Brand Awareness

One of the main reasons people visit Youtube, aside from streaming music, is to learn how to do something. Do-it-yourself culture really took off on YouTube, making it the perfect place for your dealership to show its value to potential customers.

Millions of car owners are looking to fully educate themselves before making another big purchase. Your car dealership’s video could be the brand they turn to and get that information.

Your brand can also share car care tips to:

  • Attract subscribers
  • Keep subscribers interested
  • Educate
  • Condition subscribers to turn to you for accessories and repairs

Organically, your customers will begin to trust your brand and your staff. In turn, when the time comes, they know their resource for their next car purchase.

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