Top Four Qualities Of Outstanding Employees

June 26, 2019
Of all the outstanding employee quotes, this one by Tammy Cohen is perhaps the best one for both employers and…...
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Of all the outstanding employee quotes, this one by Tammy Cohen is perhaps the best one for both employers and hopeful hires to ponder: "A great employee is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have." Discover more about the top four qualities of outstanding employees…

Beliefs, Values And Habits That Make Outstanding Employees

What are the qualities of a good employee? Outstanding employees? For starters, the ability to perform job duties is definitely important. After all, a pilot would not be able to fly a plane without plenty of in-depth training. And your favorite barista cannot craft the perfect latte without knowing how to use the espresso maker and milk steamer.

But what makes an outstanding employee goes beyond knowledge and skill. Outstanding employees tend to share some key beliefs in common...

1. They Have A Strong Work Ethic

Employers really value workers who have a strong work ethic. They don’t merely show up and fill space — they strive to:

  • Do as much work as possible
  • Keep busy all day
  • Look for the best ways to get a job done

People with a solid work ethic care about their jobs, their clients and the quality of work that they produce. For instance, your favorite barista clearly has a strong work ethic because she would never serve you a lukewarm latte with the wrong flavor of syrup.

2. They Are Passionate And Excited

People who are passionate and excited about their jobs, as well as what their company sells in terms of goods or services, will also be outstanding employees. You can be the best-trained dance instructor in the world, but if you are sick to death of hip hop, pirouettes and recitals, you will probably not be an effective teacher.

On the flip side, people who genuinely like what they are doing and selling will be much more successful at their jobs.

For example, if you have always wanted to give direct sales a try and work for a company like Amway, being excited about telling other people about the company’s line of products will make you a more successful Independent Business Owner. To display outstanding work performance, you will want to learn all you can about the company. Be clear that Amway is not a scam, and is a reputable company that allows hard working people to set up their own online businesses and make some money on the side.

3. They Avoid Gossip At All Times

Consider how you define expectations of an outstanding employee. Absolutely - They steer clear of gossip. Gossip can be like a virus in the office, spreading and wreaking havoc on your employees as well as the overall company culture.

While the water cooler is often referred to as a classic spot for sharing gossip, a solid employee will only talk about non-work related topics when refilling his water bottle—for example, who he wanted to win the NBA championship, but not how he heard that Sally cheats on her time card.

4. They Are Punctual

You might think that the ability to show up on time for work doesn’t reflect the overall beliefs of a worker, but it really does. A person who arrives on time is disciplined to set an alarm for a decent time, get out of the house and make it to work before her shift starts.

This same employee is more likely to be:

  • Focused while at work
  • Able to complete projects by deadline
  • Practice self-control: Conservative with break times and not wasting time via Email

Outstanding Employees - You Are What You Believe

Most employers know how to describe an exceptional employee. It goes well beyond having the knowledge to do the job well. You have to be excited to be there, have a strong work ethic and steer clear of the office grapevine. These traits, along with solid training, will result in the best employees possible.

Both employers and hopeful employees should consider all of the above.


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