Three Ways To Increase Brand Awareness And Customer Happiness

March 26, 2021
You absolutely want to increase sales and customer counts. How do you do that? Through positive customer experience that is…...
Three Ways To Increase Brand Awareness And Customer Happiness featured image

You absolutely want to increase sales and customer counts. How do you do that? Through positive customer experience that is expressed through word of mouth. This article will help you prioritize customer happiness that makes the difference to your bottom line...

How To Achieve Customer Happiness That Matters

Growing your business is something every business owner wants to achieve. You want to improve sales for long-term success. It can be an overwhelming process as there are multiple methods to catalyze business growth. They all require constant, consistent attention.

This article will walk you through three ways to increase brand awareness and customer happiness that positively impacts your bottom line.

Using DRTV To Your Advantage

Everyone watches TV. So advertising your company online through DRTV is a great way to get potential customers to learn about your brand. They will be in the perfect place to see your brand appeal.

Usually a DRTV campaign will involve a call to action (CTA). Often the CTA will be free to the customer:

  • Sending a text message
  • Visiting a website to learn more
  • Buy a product or service

In short, a great way to motivate a direct response through marketing.

Prioritize running an interesting and unique advertisement. Your promotion will stand out from the others which will keep potential customers interested. Adding a catchy tune will also help it will stick in their heads.

Regularly Update Your Social Media

With the online world becoming more and more advanced you absolutely want your brand to have a presence on social media. Most importantly: Have a regular and consistent posting schedule.

Using bright images that are appealing to the eye will grab customers' attention as they scroll through their feeds. Every time you post tagging your location, it will show your post to potential clients in your area. This will help you improve your local sales, as your own community should be a big part of your business.

Research when your ideal customers are online. For example if your target audience is family-based then you will more than likely need to upload around 9pm. That is when children are in bed and parents are most often active on social media.

Using hashtags relevant to each post allows people to find your products and services. Keep in mind what people will search for and you will rank higher in the search feed.

Some companies use their social media as a 'Customer Happiness Center' designating staff to quickly respond to any messages requesting help or customer service through direct messages.

Offer Great Customer Service

Excellent customer service is too often under-rated and under-prioritized. In fact, it is so important, re-title everyone in your customer service department with Customer Happiness Representative. It will positively change the psychology of your team. Remember, without happy customers, your business fails.

Providing great customer service will always contribute to positive growth of your company. When your customers feel like they matter to your employees they will develop loyalty to your brand. Often happy customers will gladly talk about your business creating positive word of mouth promotion. Get them to share on social media, and this results in free online advertising for you.

Offer Great Customer Service To Achieve Customer Happiness

Learn to go the extra mile for every customer and your business will begin exceeding expectations. Customer service should be offered by:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

And agents should rapidly reply to all messages and comments. People expect quick action. Would you be surprised that most customers expect response from social media to be instant? Final results should be within 30 minutes or less.

Increasing Brand Awareness And Customer Happiness

Grow brand awareness and customer happiness by using DRTV advertising, social media and customer service to increase your word of mouth promotion. In turn, you'll increase:

  • Website visitors
  • Phone calls
  • In-store foot traffic
  • Social media engagement

One of the best customer happiness quotes to remember:

Let's take most of the money we would've spent on paid advertising and paid marketing and instead of spending it on that, invest it in the customer experience/customer service and then let our customers do the marketing for us through word of mouth.

Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos

Should you put all of your eggs in one basket? No. But you see the importance of the positive customer experience.

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