Three Tips For More Efficient Lead Management

January 12, 2019
Are you looking for more efficient ways to generate leads? Users of Salesforce and ActiveCampaign will find this article especially…...
Three Tips For More Efficient Lead Management featured image

Are you looking for more efficient ways to generate leads? Users of Salesforce and ActiveCampaign will find this article especially helpful. But all business owners will find solid insight on lead management and social media marketing...

Lead Management Best Practices For Converting More Customers

Leads play an essential role in any business and knowing how to effectively gather and convert leads is what separates successful businesses from the rest. If you manage to organize your leads in a structured and systematic way, you won’t only be able to get more leads - many of those leads will convert to paying customers.

However, too many business owners still aren’t aware of the tools available to them and how to use them to:

  • Generate
  • Organize
  • Convert


Below, unveil three tips for more effective lead management.

Have A Clear Image Of Your Perfect Lead

Marketing consultants call them personas. Your ideal client; your individual target markets

You should make it a point to know:

  • Which issues affect them the most
  • Their interests
  • Which content type and format hook them

Also research where they spend most of their time both online and offline.

You should also do everything you can to understand which communication channels they prefer, and what exact role those play in the sales process. You should then try to identify behavioral patterns that indicate that your ideal lead is ready to be passed on to your sales team.

Be sure that everyone on your marketing and sales teams are well aware of this persona and the appropriate lead generation strategy.

Create Content Specifically For Them

Did you know that companies with a blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t?

A blog does more than just attract leads by showing your brand expertise and showcasing your products. It’s also a great way to learn more about your customer base and their needs.

Segment your audience and create content that will attract their attention. Include clear calls to action.

Lead generation should also be part of your social media strategy, as it will allow you to:

  • Reach broader audiences
  • Educate prospects
  • Increase brand visibility

Use Marketing Automation

If you think your business is still growing, it would be wise to invest in a marketing automation solution right now. Unless you have no intention of scaling your business, it would be better to start over using the right lead management system features and tools instead of trying to fix a broken process.

It all starts with a robust CRM that can be easily integrated with marketing automation tools, like Salesforce, for instance. A tool like ActiveCampaign lets you:

  • Gather email leads
  • Send automated and personalized emails
  • Send automated follow-up emails based on certain specific customer actions

Use a tool like PieSync to seamlessly sync your Salesforce and ActiveCampaign qualified leads.

All you’ll have to do is connect SalesForce with ActiveCampaign through PieSync and add a custom field to Salesforce specifically for marketing qualified leads. You’ll then be able to set up automation that will automatically add a tag to leads that reach a certain score.

At that point, you’ll be able to set up a rule in ActiveCampaign that will automatically sync qualified leads to Salesforce in real time.


Proper lead management process all boils down to:

  • Having a clear strategy in mind
  • Using best practices
  • Using the right lead management system

If you manage to follow the tips in this article, you’ll not only better convert your leads, but focus your energy on the right ones and tailor your brand messaging based on their needs.



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