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December 30, 2010
Have you heard the buzz about Blogging Success Summit 2011 – The web’s largest online blogging conference? Before I tell…...
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Blogging Success Summit 2011Have you heard the buzz about Blogging Success Summit 2011 - The web's largest online blogging conference?

Before I tell you how this virtual summit will help your business gain more exposure, more qualified leads, better customer engagement and more sales, let me share a story with you...


In October 2009, Michael Stelzner started Social Media Examiner, a blog for marketers and small business owners.  Almost overnight his site became one of the top business blogs in the world.

He didn't advertise, didn't rely on the press and almost none of his traffic came from search engines.

Slightly more than a year later, he has slightly more than 50,000 email subscribers, a half-million page views a month, and has generated nearly $2 million in sales from the site.

Everything he does focuses around delivering high-quality content along with intelligent marketing.

Michael's story is not unique.  Nearly 43% of U.S. companies will be marketing via their own blog by 2012, according to eMarketer.

Now the connection... Blogging represents a new marketing frontier because it bypasses all the costly middlemen and allows you to own your own platform, quickly engaging with your customers and prospects! AND this represents an enormous opportunity for you!!


Michael (and his team) have been working for months to bring the best minds in blogging together in a fully online event called Blogging Success Summit 2011.

More than 4,400 marketers and business owners from around the world attended his last two summits.  Businesses were transformed (mine too!).  In fact, 95% of attendees said they'd attend again.

The summit's focus is to empower you to implement successful blogging strategies, grow a loyal following, generate quality leads, and sell with your blog.

23 of the world's leading social media superstars will be summit instructors!

Presenters include:

  • Richard Jalichandra - Technorati CEO.
  • Scott Monty - Head of Social Media, Ford.
  • Darren Rowse - Co-author of Problogger.
  • Brian Clark - Copyblogger.
  • Michael Stelzner - Social Media Examiner.
  • Debbie Weil - Author of The Corporate Blogging Book.
  • Douglas Karr - Co-author, Corporate Blogging for Dummies.
  • Experts from McDonald's, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, Sony, and Proctor & Gamble.


  • Joe Pulizzi - Co-author of Get Content Get Customers.
  • Mari Smith - Co-author of Facebook Marketing.
  • Jay Baer - Co-author of The Now Revolution.
  • Chris Garrett - Co-author of Problogger.
  • Dave Garland - Author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper.
  • Mike Volpe - VP of Marketing, HubSpot.
  • Rick Calvert - CEO, BlogWorld.

Just to give you a taste of this stellar line-up!

Attendees at Mike's two most recent summits included folks from well-known organizations such as:

  • General Electric.
  • American Express.
  • Staples.
  • General Mills.
  • Intel.
  • Harvard.
  • San Francisco Giants.
  • Kraft Foods.
  • Hyatt Hotels.
  • Stanford.
  • IDG.
  • Disney.

So you can see that some pretty big hitters find value and credibility in Mr. Stelzner's online conferences!  But you don't have to be a big business to benefit!!

This is the world's largest online blogging event designed to empower marketers and business owners to master blogging.  And the GOOD NEWS is it's a LIVE online conference you can attend from your home or office!

Go here now to learn more: Blogging Success Summit 2011

Do you want more customers and qualified leads?  Will you be ready to market your business via blog by 2012?


  • You can get 50% OFF if you act now!  23 blogging pros will show you how to use blogging to market and grow your business.
  • Remember, the experts teach the sessions live (and it's all online).  So you don't need to leave your home or office! (And if you miss a session you can access the play-back).
  • As a way of saying "thanks" for checking out the summit, there's a gift just for marketers called, "Building Community With Facebook And Blogs," (valued at $59).  It's waiting for you!  Go get it here: Thank You Gift.

Here's to your success!

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