Summer Driving Safety For Mobile Entrepreneurs

May 13, 2021
You might think you have summer driving safety handled. However, newer drivers and entrepreneurs on business travel might not think…...
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You might think you have summer driving safety handled. However, newer drivers and entrepreneurs on business travel might not think of these four road trip travel safety tips before it's too late. Here's one to bookmark as a checklist...

Four Summer Driving Safety Tips Mobile Entrepreneurs Should Follow

We all know it is typically more dangerous to drive during the winter months. Between rain and snow and ice, it can be treacherous on the road, especially in northern regions. However, there are summer driving dangers too.

In this article we are going to discuss four simple summer travel safety tips so you can drive safely for business in the summer months. Here is what you need to know about summer driving safety for mobile entrepreneurs.

Keep Sunglasses Close

When you drive during the summer you should always have a pair of sunglasses within reach. Sunglasses are an absolute must, especially if you are traveling a long way or will be gone on a business trip.

During the summer the sun is often shining. When it reflects off the road or is directly in front of you, you can quickly lose visibility of the road ahead.

To keep yourself and everyone in the car safe, keep a pair of sunglasses in your vehicle. Regularly clean them so your vision is not impaired by fingerprints.

Have Emergency Contacts On Hand

Something you might not consider, particularly as a relatively new driver, is the importance of having important phone contacts available to you at all times. What if you break down or are involved in an accident and can’t search the internet on your phone? You need your contacts information available in a non-digital format.

It could be your:

Make sure you have these numbers written down somewhere and in a secure place in your vehicle. Placing it in your car manual might be a good idea.

Keep It Cool

In the interest of safety, you've got to keep yourself and your car cool during the dog days of summer. Keep an eye on your coolant levels and refill now and again. Coolant ensures the engine doesn’t overheat and your car doesn’t break down while you're on the road.

To keep yourself cool, you may think the best way is to keep the windows open. However, if you have air conditioning in your car, the best way to keep cool is to turn it on and keep your windows closed. 

For yourself, stay hydrated with water and water-based beverages.

Adjust Your Visor

Sunlight is one of the main issues for drivers in the summer months. One of the best defense systems your car has for this is the visor. It can be brought down to block the sun from your face and keep your vision clear.

The only issue is, if you are 5 feet 4 inches or shorter, you might notice that even with the visor down you cannot stop the sunlight from hitting your eyes. You might want to do something to rectify this.

You can either buy or make your own small extension for a visor. This will add an extra layer below the visor to shade your eyes and protect them from the sun. 

Final Thoughts On Summer Driving Safety

There are differences between driving in the summer vs. winter driving. This is the entrepreneur's opportunity to create a business travel policy for car travel, if you will.

Use these simple tips to keep yourself safe on the road when driving during the summer - For business and for pleasure. 

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