Social Lists: 7 Secrets Revealed By @Listly For Facebook Marketers

November 26, 2013
As a Facebook Marketer, discover the advantages of collaborating to curate social lists on Listly for your business brand!  More…...
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As a Facebook Marketer, discover the advantages of collaborating to curate social lists on Listly for your business brand!  More than 7 secrets revealed here...

What Do Facebook Marketers Need To Know About Social Lists?

Really, all marketers should know about social lists.  Social lists allow people to collaborate on curating the best information on a topic!

So, for instance, a special interest group wanted to track the best Facebook Pages in a certain niche, they could each add their favorites to come up with an exclusive list for their group.  Or, open it up, and let the whole world have input.

Why Listly For Social Lists?

Listly took the blogging trend of compiling informational lists, and made it social.  They made this collaboration fun, like a campfire.  They found:

  • People like to make lists.
  • People like to help.
  • People like to use lists in their content.

The platform's founders intended @listly to help bloggers, content curators, and publishers to increase engagement and distribute content to a wider audience.  This, in turn, helps online marketers get found by their target markets.

Social Lists Can Be Fun!

According to Listly, 30% of all web content are lists or contain list content.  As society adopts mobile devices at an increasing rate, this list-making trend should only increase as well.  So why not have some fun, eh?

Listly lists allow you to:

  • Get friends involved.
  • Vote list items up and down.
  • Share easily by embedding lists anywhere.

It's actually a kinetic form of social listening.

Some Social List Potential

We're not talking David Letterman's Top 10.  More, what is important to you and your connections circle.  So, you could compile information that:

  • Lists social issues.
  • Lists social networking skills.
  • Lists social bookmarking sites.

But the opportunities are limitless - Some popular options may be social wish lists or social skills lists.  The Listly-sphere is really open and Facebook.

What Facebook Marketers Have To Do With Social Lists

During the Autumn of 2013, a Facebook Group for small business owners, Likeable League, ventured to learn more about Listly.  It was a follow-up activity to #likeableblogs - A summer activity meant to keep small business owners' blogs active during summer months.

One of the group members had used a Listly social list in his post for the summer activity, which sparked interest among some of the other group members.  In turn, the author of the post was kind enough to connect the Facebook Group with the co-founder of Listly, Nick Kellet.

The result was a social list, an interview, blog posts and a curated social list of video clips!

Facebook Marketers Meet On Google+ About Social Lists

Likeable League's Listly user, Frithjof Petscheleit of Tweet4Ok set up a Google+ hangout so we could openly discuss a list of questions: 7 Secrets Of The Social Lists.  There, Nick Kellet would answer questions to questions from Likeable League.

The list of questions from the Facebook Group grew to more than 7, and they voted items up (and down) highlighting what was most important to them.  The official list of 12 items in text form:

  • Why lists?
  • Why social lists?
  • Why collaborative lists?
  • Why does embedding matter?
  • Why does evolving content matter?
  • What are the stages of list posts?
  • Please compare and contrast Storify and Listly.
  • How do you comment and vote on lists and why should we?
  • How do you "make the Home Page" on Listly?
  • Benefits of Listly over other social media?
  • Can we publish a list in our sidebar or must it be embedded directly into a post?
  • Lists and SEO.

See that Listly social list here:

The list above gives you one example of the four views available for each list.  7 Secrets Of The Social Lists is seen in Full List format.

Social Lists: 7 Secrets Revealed By @Listly For Facebook Marketers

[caption id="attachment_4203" align="aligncenter" width="871"]Tweet4Ok and Idea Girl Media meet with Listly to reveal 7 Secrets Of Social Lists Partial Gallery View Of A Listly List[/caption]

Likeable League Group members helped curate the list, and then met on the Google+ hangout for the secrets of social lists to be revealed.

In turn, Frithjof clipped each response into a short video to compile another Listly Social List for our Facebook Marketers to experience forming, and view later.  You can see a partial gallery view above.

To provide another view of how the list can be embedded, the Header version:


It's a terrific collection of video clips, and a great example of what is possible on Listly!

Frithjof's post will give you a different look at options for embedding social lists from Listly:

Reinventing The List - 10 Answers About Social Content

Social Lists For Facebook Marketers Online

Facebook is such a friendly, collaborative place, social lists are a terrific way to engage friends and fans in your network.

Listly also provides an excellent opportunity for SEO, as the content is evolving, which favors the search engines.  The videos will explain more - I encourage you to view.

The one thing I liked, is that as an author of a list, I can claim authorship as a contributor to Listly on Google+.  What does that mean?  Google will recognize and give me credit for any list content formed, which benefits my Google search ranking status.  You too -- Just be sure to claim your authorship on your Google+ profile first.

Your Turn

What questions do you have about social lists?

Do you think you will be more likely to use Listly knowing all the benefits?

Please share your thoughts in comments below! :)



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