Smart Content Marketing Decisions For 2021 And Beyond

June 22, 2021
No one knows what the future holds. That is why it’s important to make content marketing decisions that will keep…...
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No one knows what the future holds. That is why it's important to make content marketing decisions that will keep your brand relevant into the future. Here are four helpful tips for content content creation and marketing analysis to ace your online marketing strategy...

Making the right content marketing decisions now will help you stay relevant for the long-term.

Making wise content marketing decisions at present is more important than ever. As marketing trends continue to evolve, your marketing strategies need to as well.  

Content marketing is a cost-effective and powerful way to drive users to your business with useful, high quality, engaging, and relevant information related to what they need. 

Here are four top tips on powerful content strategy so you can make smart content marketing decisions for 2021 and beyond. 

Use Video 

Video has quickly become the most engaging type of media in a content marketing strategy in 2021. Whether this is in the form of a:

  • YouTube video
  • Instagram Live
  • TikTok

Your business will fall behind in the marketplace if it is not utilizing video, a key component. It is estimated that this year, 82% of internet traffic by consumers will be video.

Incorporating video into your content marketing strategy is vital whether you are B2B or B2C because it can significantly increase your traffic. You don’t need any fancy equipment as most smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras. That is more than enough to get started. 

Measure And Analyze

Creating and posting your content is not enough. It is best practice to monitor your content, whether it is a blog post or social media post. This allows you to find out what is working well, what is resonating with your ideal audience, and what isn’t. This way you can manage and adjust your strategies as you go along, and grow with the industry.

If you are simply creating, posting, and hoping for the best, your content marketing will remain stagnant. You can do analysis in-house or by hiring a content marketing specialist

Pair With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good content paired with SEO significantly increases the chances of customers finding you. SEO is the practice of improving your content to increase its visibility in the search results (rankings). If you are creating good content without an SEO strategy, it is usually much harder for potential clients to find you.

The good SEO strategy will ensure your content is relevant and visible. In turn, you will see increased impressions and clicks. Consider engaging in SEO services that specialize in content marketing

Quality Over Quantity

With hundreds of thousands of businesses online, it is easy to get lost in the sea of content. Take a moment to think about your ideal customer and how they feel. All the information online can make them overwhelmed and confused.

Affirming your content stands out from the crowd and is trustworthy should be your priority. Spend more time on your content, even if this means creating less of it. Your customers are much more likely to respond positively and more likely to favor your business over your competitors. 

High quality, relevant content is better for SEO. This means your content will have a higher chance of ranking on the first couple of pages in search results. This will also increase brand authority (most clicks come from the first page) and drive more organic traffic. 

The Final Word On Content Marketing Decisions

Content marketing is one of the most important brand strategy components for businesses in 2021. To capitalize:

And create high quality signature content your website visitors will trust. 

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