Seven Useful Working From Home Tips For Any Business Owner

June 23, 2020
If you’re researching tips for working remotely, your business has probably been affected by the effects of the Coronavirus. You’ve…...
Seven Useful Working From Home Tips For Any Business Owner featured image

If you're researching tips for working remotely, your business has probably been affected by the effects of the Coronavirus. You've hurdled disbelief, yet finding a new normal. Here are working from home tips for you...

You've survived 'Coronamania' and now you're working from home. Tips for success below are your map to the 'new normal.'

One thing most people would agree on is that the coronavirus has not only taken the world by surprise but has brought a lot of changes in our daily lives. These changes have impacted our personal lives and also the way we do business. Many companies now moving major parts of their operations online.

This means business owners are now faced with the evolving challenge of readjusting to work from home. In turn, below we list seven useful working from home tips for any business owner.

Create specific working hours - One of the most important working from home tips

1. Create Specific Working Hours

To encourage top productivity when working from home, you should create specific work hours for yourself. This is important as it helps to maintain discipline when working from home. In turn, you'll curb negative habits such as procrastination and laziness.

Once you have managed to set your work hours, it will help to separate work hours from other activities, so you remain disciplined in all areas of your life. Defining clear business hours translates to good time management. Working from home can be very difficult if your family is unclear about when you are working and when you have time for them.

2. Have A Workstation At Home

One big challenge with remote working is separating home life from work life. For most people trying to work from home for the first time, compartmentalizing work and home can be difficult. It can even affect any positive attitude towards work.

Thus, a good approach is to physically separate the workspace from home space. You can do this by creating a workstation for yourself. The up side is you do not need a whole room for that. All that is required is enough space for:

  • One comfortable chair
  • A desk
  • A good lighting system
  • A drawer for your work files

Doing this creates the right mentality for work, even from home.

3. Keep Every Distraction Away

It can be a challenge to avoid distractions when working from home, especially if family is frequently there. One good way to make it less difficult is by communicating with all family members about your working hours and your workstation. It is also important to explain to everyone (especially kids) about the reasons why they should refrain from interruptions when you are at work.

It is not easy to avoid distractions even if you live alone:

  • The television
  • Your smartphone
  • The entertainment console
  • Social media

And the list goes on.

It is important to remind yourself why your work is important and why you need to stay focused. And if you can, make your working area as far as possible from any source of distraction.

4. Use Of Remote Working Tools

Working From Home Tips - Use remote working tools

Anyone working from home must have a personal computer and a good reliable internet connection. Along with those, consider investing in remote operating software or equivalent tools to make accomplishing daily tasks less difficult.

There is a myriad of tools to choose from. The most important help you with:

  • Communication
  • Accounting
  • Content creation

Invest in keeping in touch with partners, clients, keeping your books, and facilitating your best brand message. A virtual office assistant may help. You might also consider hiring professional virtual receptionist services to handle all calls in a professional manner while staying efficient.

5. Make Good Use Of Social Media Platforms

One of the most efficient ways of achieving visibility for your business brand right from home is by effectively using social media. Popular platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

Have become valuable in social media strategies meant to reach out to a wider number of potential clients. The fact that you are working from home does not mean that you cannot implement online advertising campaigns.

However, despite the huge potential that these platforms offer, they can become quite time-consuming and frustrating when you do not go about it the right way.

For example, if you try creating several social media profiles at once, you will find regular updates overwhelming and time-consuming. So, it is best to implement one platform at a time. Opt for the social media channel that offer the fastest route to your target audience.

If social media simply isn’t your thing, then consider hiring a digital marketing team to do it all for you. Of the working from home tips to consider, this could bring the biggest impact.

6. Get Up And Dress For Work

This point probably has your eyebrows raised a little bit. But never underestimate the power of dressing for work.

When working from home, the temptation to stay in your pajamas or hoodies all day is very strong - that is, if you do not have any work-related video calls. But, as much as we feel comfortable in that attire, the serious regard for work can be lost.

This does not mean you should always dress in full corporate clothes - jackets, ties, high heels, etc. It simply means changing from your bed clothes to something that signals it is time for work.

This little change has a huge way of affecting your thought process and preparing your mind for getting things done. It also means you should take a shower, brush your teeth and fix your hair. Add some makeup to complete your official demeanor.

Our favorite of the working from home tips: Create a work routine with breaks

7. Create A Work Routine With Breaks

Create a comfortable yet productive work routine for yourself. Follow your previous daily schedule as much as possible, minus the formal commute.

For example, do not yield to the temptation of getting up from bed a couple of hours later than you used to or skipping your morning routines. Pre-work routines have a way of preparing your mind for the day ahead of you.

Also, it is very important to give yourself break time during work hours. If you plan to sit for eight hours to work without taking a break, then the chances are high you will feel stress in other areas of your life.

Absolutely observe your specific closing time. By doing this, you meet important work deadlines without overworking yourself. Perhaps the stealth secret to success of our working from home tips.

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