Seven Top Tips To Get Fantastic Marketing Results With Printed Materials

January 7, 2023
It is true, many brands are getting very good marketing results with social media and digital marketing campaigns. However, not…...
Seven Top Tips To Get Fantastic Marketing Results With Printed Materials featured image

It is true, many brands are getting very good marketing results with social media and digital marketing campaigns. However, not everyone spends a lot of time on social networks. There is a need for online and offline efforts. Here are seven steps to take for success...

How To Get Fantastic Marketing Results With Flyers

You have many options and marketing channels available to you for your brand's marketing campaigns. Online and offline marketing ... traditional and new medias.

Flyers can be an effective form of marketing - providing that you design and distribute them correctly. Here are seven top tips to get fantastic marketing results with printed materials like flyers and brochures.

Know Your Audience

You must first know exactly who your target market is so you can design and distribute your flyers to the right populations.

For example, if you’re advertising an event at a nightclub, you’re going to want to focus on young people. This could involve:

  • Using text and visuals that appeal to younger demographics
  • Distributing flyers in places where young people frequent
  • Providing your target audience to share the news

Each business will target different demographics, based on their niche. At first, you may want to create a more general flyer. Optimally, design different flyers for each individual target audience.

Use Professional Photographs

A striking picture will prompt people to look. In order to win over customers, the images must appear clear and professional. Rather than using DIY photos, consider hiring a professional photographer to take some relevant photos.

Wise photo choices would be:

  • Your place of business
  • Products
  • Happy customers (you can use models)

You can include multiple images, but most quality materials usually feature one large main photo.

Marketing Results Improve When You Use The Right Colors

Every color has a different psychological impact.

For example, red is good for alerting customers, but may not be appropriate if you’re marketing a calming product or service like therapy sessions or a spa. Blues and greens may be better for that.

Consider color psychology when choosing font colors. At the same time, chosen colors should reflect your brand for best marketing results.

Keep Text Snappy

Keep text snappy for best marketing results with younger demographics

A big mistake that some make is adding too much text. Flyers should contain no more than 200 words. The most important text should be in a large bold font. Use trigger buzzwords like:

  • Win
  • Save
  • Enjoy
  • Limited

Information that is less important but still necessary can be in smaller bullet points.

Add A QR Code

Information such as a phone number, email address and physical address should be included on print materials. A web page address is also essential.

The webpage could contain extra details or could lead directly to a product order page or form. A QR code will quickly lead customers to visit this webpage using their smartphone without having to manually type out a URL.

QR codes can also lead to social media pages or Google Maps for directions.

Choose The Right Print Method

Offset and digital printing are two of the main methods used for flyers and other print material. When choosing between offset vs digital printing, there are three main things to consider:

  • Cost
  • Print quality
  • Quantity

Offset printing is typically better for large-scale marketing campaigns of 1000 flyers or more. Digital printing is more suitable for smaller budget-friendly campaigns or high-end projects where you need flyers to be higher quality. 

Distribute Strategically For Best Marketing Results

Make sure flyers aren’t being handed out to just anyone.

If you’re delivering them through snail mail boxes, research areas where your audience are likely to live or work. If you’re handing out to people on the street, research places where your ideal customers are likely to hang out.

Print materials are an investment. Unlike digital marketing, print campaign marketing results cannot be tracked.

Ultimately, flyers should be placed in the hands of people most likely to be interested in what your business is offering.

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