Seven Simple Ways Businesses Can Grow Twitter Followers

August 30, 2018
Are you on social media and looking to take your marketing results to the next level? Here’s how your company…...
Seven Simple Ways Businesses Can Grow Twitter Followers featured image

Are you on social media and looking to take your marketing results to the next level? Here's how your company can grow Twitter followers the right way...

How Your Company Can Grow Twitter Followers The Right Way

Arguably the most important part of your business is your customers. They are the lifeblood of your sales, and they also bring with them word of mouth advertising that is hugely beneficial.

BIG question:

Have you ever thought about the impact of engaging successfully with your customers on social media?

Maybe you are already on sites like Twitter. But is your following growing, or stagnating?

Almost everyone is on social media in some way, so knowing how to gain more followers is an important part of your Twitter marketing strategy.  At this point you might be wondering about: 

  • How to get followers on Twitter fast
  • How to grow Twitter followers organically
  • How to grow Twitter followers free

Below, find seven simple ways businesses can grow Twitter followers.

Know The Do's And Don'ts

Idea Girl Media teaches you how to attract more Twitter followers using hashtagsThere are several ways to grow Twitter followers.  Not all will be of use to you.

Some companies offer a service that can ‘guarantee’ you more followers and boost your profile. However, often enough, many of these new followers won’t be interested in your business because they are randomly selected. Though you will undoubtedly get more followers initially, people will start to unfollow you when they realize you aren’t offering them what they want or need. Or, they are simply bot profiles, and they will never see what you tweet.

There is nothing wrong with hiring someone that knows social media to help you build your Twitter following - your new potential customers.  The key is being sure you are building your audience with targeted followers interested in your niche.

Tweet More

It sounds simple, but there are a lot of companies that don’t tweet much at all. For them, social media is another advertising tool that they use to post about their products once in a while.

Even though you want to tell your customers about your products, you don’t want to bombard them with only marketing tweets. You also want to engage with them and share information that relates to your products or services.

For example, if you are a gardening company, then you could tweet about lawn care in hot weather. You might also share tips on best practices for DIY landscaping.  These types of tweets will interest your customers without trying to sell them anything.

Studies suggest that anywhere between 5-15 tweets per day is best, but you can post more if you have an important event happening.

Time Your Tweets

The times that you tweet are quite important if you want to get the most engagement from your followers. There have been a number of studies that have tried to give the optimal time to tweet. The time that seems to stand out is early to late afternoon. That is the generally accepted ideal time to post, especially about new products or services.


The ideal time to tweet should be based on YOUR audience - When your followers are online.  You can determine that by keeping a close watch, or by using tools that generate your account's peak active follower times.

The reason you want to be on Twitter when the most possible followers are online is because of the speed of social media. Twitter especially is fast! If you have a customer that follows thousands of people, then your post will likely get lost in the heap of tweets in their stream. In turn, this time is often when most people will message you on Twitter, so be prepared to respond in a timely manner.

Activate Paid Twitter Ads

You can run your own Twitter ads in-house, or pay a pro or agency to do it.  Twitter ads can be highly useful to grow Twitter followers.

With Twitter ads, you can target the audience you want to put your posts in their news feed. Although your post will say that it’s an ad, it will still be there in front of the people who matter most to your brand in the Twittersphere.

You want such posts to be dynamic and eye-catching, so they attract your ideal Twitter followers. You can then supplement these paid posts with tweets that give more detail or have special offers.  Optimally, you should also tweet content that offers value to your feed supporting the topic of the promoted initiative.

Paid posts and tweets should be part of any solid marketing strategy, so you will need to know that you have the funds to devote to this form of advertising. Some organizations prioritize marketing with such importance that they borrow funding specifically for sales and advertising, which would include social media marketing. 

It never hurts to research all of your options. You can see what to know about attaining funds online.

Add Visuals To Your Content

Although text-based tweets are fine, they are often overlooked because they are not as appealing as tweets that offer color and emojis.  Remember, Twitter is fast!  

Tweets with a visual aspect are far more likely to be shared, retweeted, and liked than those without a visual. That is why it is to your advantage to add some type of visual to your tweet, even if it’s only a meme to back-up your comment.

Infographics are incredibly popular on social media in general, so intro images are quite effective. Also, listicles and quick how-to’s will also get a big response from followers.

Use Hashtags To Grow Twitter Followers

Idea Girl Media tells you how to Use Hashtags To Grow Twitter FollowersThink of hashtags as the seasoning in your content recipe that allows people interested in your topic to find your business.

Big companies constantly monitor hashtags that feature their brand name or tags that fit together. Hashtags provide a direct view of what people are tweeting about and also helps track communication relating to relevant demographics.

You need to be clever when using hashtags. Simply adding a bunch of them at the end of a post will seem spammy and unprofessional. Try to work them into your posts, so they seem natural -- Three per tweet at most.  You can also use trending hashtags if they relate to your brand or niche.

Re-tweet And Reply To Your Friends And Followers

Showing your customers and followers that you are there and not just tweeting automatically are good ways to encourage more engagement. To do this, you should look to retweet posts that you like or the ones where you want to add a reply.

Not only does this fuel engagement with the other person or company, but it also shows them that you are interested in what’s going on in your industry. It doesn’t take long to retweet something quickly.  The benefits can be huge for your business, especially if they haven’t seen your brand before.

If someone retweets your post, then thank them with a reply. It will be a nice gesture and will perhaps lead to a new follower.

Grow Twitter Followers - The Bottom Line

There is a lot that happens on social media:

  • Each second
  • Each minute
  • Each day

Social streams are busy, and they move fast. All brands - personal and business - are competing for eyeballs of potential customers.

You need content that will make your company stand out from the rest. If you can capture the best formula for your brand, then you can grow Twitter followers and your social media following, and boost your entire marketing platform. 


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