Making The Most Of A Virtual Presentation

August 25, 2020
Are you scheduled to give a keynote speech and the conference has been adjusted to be a virtual event? You’re…...
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Are you scheduled to give a keynote speech and the conference has been adjusted to be a virtual event? You're probably looking for virtual presentation ideas! Here are four tips to consider right now...

Your Best Virtual Presentation Tips

Presenting something in front of a large audience is sometimes difficult - Even for the most experienced speaker. In some regards, it is even more complicated if you need to give a presentation online.

Some people consider virtual presentations to be an effort-saver and something that can easily help them get even more people to watch and listen. But the reality is often quite the opposite. You must be prepared to deal with a number of issues that don’t really apply to the usual in-person presentation.

Here, we go through making the most of a virtual presentation and four important things to consider.

Style Matters - A Lot

Just because you’re not hosting a physical event in a typical venue, doesn’t mean that you can cut corners on the style preparations. Your event must demonstrate your own approach and attitude, especially if you’re presenting to a number of people with significant influence in your field.

Pay attention to things like:

  • Digital designs
  • Backgrounds
  • Website of the event

And the style of communication (more on that below).

Small details can add up to big differences, and approaching this correctly can even make a relatively inexpensive event seem significantly classier.

Ensure Your Content Is Presented Well

Presenting is never easy, even if you’ve done it before. And if you only have one shot at getting it right, the pressure can be overwhelming. That’s why you should always get a speaker for your virtual event and designate expenditures for that in the budget.

Services like Speakers’ Corner can help you contact the right specialists who can present your ideas in the best way possible. They take into account all necessary details. All you’ll have to do is give them the actual content to work with, and you can kick back with the reassurance that the most critical part of the event will be handled by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

Have Someone On Standby For Technical Issues

It is hard to anticipate all technical issues in a situation like this. However, you can definitely anticipate their potential possibility.

Have someone experienced on standby who can watch over the whole situation and give you pointers in case something goes wrong. You should ideally entrust someone well-versed in communicating these problems to a community, although that skillset is not as common as you might like. Give your best effort to see you won’t be caught off guard by something on the technical side.

Preparing For A Virtual Presentation

Rehearsing the presentation is the most important step. Period. We don't always get as much time for this as we would hope, but you must reserve time for this. Even if it is a one-time event. More importantly if it is for a large number of people.

Focus on practicing the things that have the biggest impact that are under your control. You may be able to leave the rest be. But your best best is to have virtual presentation tools ready and have a Plan B for scenarios like:

  • What if the platform is buggy that day?
  • What if the slides will not appear online?
  • What if the sound is spotty during all or part of the virtual presentation?

Last Word

Keep in mind, if something does go really wrong, you’ll at least have the experience from the whole ordeal to guide you in the future.

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