Launch: The Proof Is In The Fuel

December 20, 2011
Sometimes it’s hard when you’re reading a book to visualize how exactly to put it into action. This is far…...
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Sometimes it's hard when you're reading a book to visualize how exactly to put it into action. This is far from the case with Launch by Michael Stelzner... however here's my review and a short case study showing how Idea Girl Media and More In Media collaborated on an event putting the book into action!

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How do you quickly propel your business beyond the competition?

Everyone wants to know that answer...

We've all been running breathlessly around the earth trying every technique or "latest new thing," in hopes that we'd race ahead in an amazing business marathon and cross the finish line first!


It isn't about the latest new thing, or running enterprising marathons.  It's about rocket ships, and the type of fuel it takes to launch into outer space.

The best part?  YOU get to be an astronaut!   :)

Well, you don't get to actually fly to the moon.  But you do get to navigate your own spaceship, so to speak.

Stay with me...

The Elevation Principle

It has been my privilege to learn from Michael Stelzner and staff at Social Media Examiner over the past few years.  I have attended all of their success summits since 2010, and I have found great value in what they publish and present.  Social Media Examiner is one of the top 1200 websites in America, and it is certainly a leader in social media and marketing!

When I had the opportunity to hear Mike talk about his Elevation Principle, I was intrigued by the concept:

"The process of meeting the core desires of prospects and customers by helping them solve their basic problems at no cost."

So cleverly parallel to today's economic, technical, and social landscapes!

But really, the Elevation Principle is timeless.

Mike suggests that building trust by helping people and involving others will lift people up, and in turn, lift you up.  This process develops relationships, and hopefully brings long-lasting benefits to the business.

Some New Math

Here's the Elevation Principle Formula:

GC + OP - MM = G

{Great Content + Other People - Marketing Messages = Growth}

What - No marketing messages??

Pretty much!

This graphic will humanize it for you:

[caption id="attachment_2465" align="aligncenter" width="524"]Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media shares Irma Zimmerman's graphic of Mike Stelzner's Elevation Principle outlined in the book, Launch. Image Credit: Irma Zimmerman of Tell IT Media[/caption]

The translation in Stelzner's words:

"Once the marketing messages are caged, the focus of your company shifts from 'What can we sell you,' to 'How can we help you?'"


By purposely creating quality content, a community is created - free of salesy jargon - where people go for help.  Importantly, you own that space where they feel comfortable.  Plus, as you share your ideas, you build credibility and authority in your niche, and people that need help are naturally attracted to you and your business.

The good news: Forget having to sell -- you can now relate with the people you've attracted!

Fueling Your Fire

In the book, "Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition," Michael Stelzner classifies content into two types:

1) Primary Fuel

  • How-to articles.
  • Expert Interviews.
  • Reviews.
  • Case studies.
  • News stories.
  • Contrarian stories.

Easiest to produce, what you'll need more of, and what makes your business move.

2) Nuclear Fuel

  • Reports based on surveys.
  • Top 10 contests.
  • White papers.
  • Micro events.

More difficult to produce, less abundant, but highly powerful.  The "super juice."  This is what sets you apart from your competition.

So, back to our rocket ship analogy...

Primary fuel keeps the vessel going, but nuclear fuel is what propels your inner-astronaut as far as you want to go!

Those are just some of the points from the first chapter of, "Launch."  If those are the only details you take away, it's a good book!

Mike also covers:

  • Starting your mission plan.
  • Engaging other people.
  • Owner Ollie & Marketer Mary.
  • Firestarters.
  • Several examples of successful astronauts like yourself.
  • Should you give away your secrets?
  • And more!

I've tested the Elevation Principle, and it works!  Many others have written reviews conveying, "Launch," is a great book.

So, I could give you yet another review saying much the same thing, or I could suit up and give you some first-hand astronaut feedback...

A Nuclear Fuel Cocktail

[caption id="attachment_2466" align="alignright" width="320"]Keri Jaehnig reviews Michael Stelzner's book, "Launch," discussing nuclear fuel which propels businesses ahead of their competition Nuclear fuel is special content that attracts many people and quickly grows your business.[/caption]

I have been producing primary fuel for awhile.  But I had not really produced any nuclear fuel for my own business.  So, I collaborated with Dorien Morin-van Dam of More In Media on a project - The Pre-Holiday Facebook: Game Of Like - to shake things up.

This was an endeavor meant to help small business owners and nonprofit stakeholders learn how to improve their Facebook presence and even grow their business or entity.  It wasn't merely about collecting Facebook Page "likes."

It was about learning what makes a Facebook Page successful, and qualities that lead to fan engagement.  We created a virtual petri dish, if you will.

Dorien and I led by example.  But to give incentive to learn, we had to provide opportunity to win.  So, we designed seven Like Achievements as challenges to encourage more learning and competitive spirit.

The most points could be earned by purchasing and reading, "Launch," posting on the book's Facebook wall, and posting an honest review on Amazon.  Three parts.  This was not a required challenge - but elective, and the most time consuming.

We were not sure who would do what...

Very interesting to watch, several event participants chose to read the book!  Immediately they were excited, and we were even seeing pictures of people reading the book posted to Facebook profiles.  This prompted them to post on the Launch Facebook page...Dorien and I couldn't keep up!

There was genuine interest in Launch and the Elevation Principle.  In short, our new friends were lovin' it!  A small handful indeed posted positive reviews for the book.  A few even blogged about their experience and findings.

Now that we've had a number of weeks to observe those that read the book, they are making great strides and growing their businesses.  They are creating their own content, and quickly becoming sources of credible information in their niches.

The Proof Is In The Fuel

So, don't just take another social media professional's word for it.  Consider the ten business owners that couldn't put the book down and continue to thrive!

Taking a quote from the book: "You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself." ~Harvey S. Firestone

Mike has certainly given the best of himself by writing the book and offering his wisdom.

My friend, Kittie Walker of Indigo Girl, who played the Game Of Like, says this: "I would highly recommend that you read Michael A. Stelzner’s, 'Launch: How to Quickly Propel your Business Beyond the Competition' but I think it would be even more powerful if read alongside Guy Kawasaki’s 'Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts Minds and Actions.'"

A Launch Facebook Fan had this to say: "I'm halfway through your book and it has changed the way I will help my clients from here on out. It makes so much sense. Stop marketing and start educating."

Words From An Astronaut

As someone that has produced primary AND nuclear fuel for my own business, I have this to say:

RUN, DON'T WALK to your local bookseller and purchase or special order, "Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition," By Michael Stelzner.  Or, try

The book is perfect for any business owner as:

  • A thank you gift.
  • A stocking stuffer.
  • A gesture of congratulations.
  • A welcome to community
  • Just because.

There is something in it for every business professional.

Those working in social media training should be using, "Launch," in their curriculum.

I agree with Kittie -- I highly recommend the book.  But I disagree with her pairing.  To stay relevant to today's social space, I'd also add Mari Smith's, "The New Relationship Marketing," to bring current and relevant key concepts together for a KILLER trilogy.

What do you think?

Ready to launch your business beyond the competition?

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