Is Your Small Business Backed Up?

August 20, 2020
You will want a business backup strategy – there’s too much at stake. This article takes you through best backup…...
Is Your Small Business Backed Up? featured image

You will want a business backup strategy - there's too much at stake. This article takes you through best backup solutions for small business so you can sleep well each night knowing your business backed up correctly...

5 Ways To Get Your Business Backed Up Appropriately

When disaster strikes, it can be useful to have resources and protections to fall back on. Is your small business backed up?

Here are a few ways of encouraging continuity in the event of a disaster.

Insure Yourself

Insurance can be a useful defense against large unexpected costs. Without insurance, many companies struggle to afford these expenses.

General liability insurance and professional liability insurance can offer cover against common types of lawsuits. There are also types of insurance that can help pay for reparations in a disaster.

Consider which risks your business is most likely to face so you can take out the appropriate insurance policies. It’s worth shopping around trusted insurance agencies so you can get the best rates.  

Set Up An Emergency Fund

It is absolutely worth keeping reserve savings for unexpected and emergency costs that insurance may not cover. For some small businesses it could be a few hundred dollars in a savings account. For many companies, the amount should be based on advice from your accountant.

The key is not to touch this money unless there’s an emergency. There are business savings accounts that you can opt for that have restricted access.

Back Up Your Data

Disasters such as cyberattacks and hardware damage could lead to lost data. This could be important data your business needs to operate.

There are many places you can back up your data. It’s worth backing up most of your data on the cloud. The nice thing: It can be easily retrieved from any location. That could be useful if you cannot get to your premises (or if your premises is destroyed by a fire or natural disaster). You can also back up data on external hard-drives. You would then keep physical documents as a form of backup.

When it comes to cyberattacks, you really should have a disaster recovery plan in place. Cybersecurity services as found at could help you establish a plan. The plan can help you protect your backup files and reduce downtime in the event of a ransomware attack or network attack.

Your main goal should be to have guideline policies and procedures to backup and secure your company's data.

Consider A Power Generator To Keep Your Business Backed Up

Most businesses cannot get anything done without electricity. In the event of a power outage, a power generator will keep your physical operation running. This could be particularly important if you have machinery that needs to be constantly left on such as refrigerators containing chilled food or servers that need to be constantly accessed by customers.

Generators range from solar generators to petrol generators. You can read more about backup generators here at

Consider Cross-Training Staff

If an employee falls sick, it is logical another staff member would take over their duties. Cross-training staff is the best way to keep your company running smoothly no matter the circumstance.

You may not be able to cross-train all tasks - Some require executive access or specific qualifications. However, it will be worthwhile to train essential employees on the unavoidable day-to-day tasks such as handling client enquiries and important maintenance tasks.

Once your team grows to a certain size, you could find it to your advantage to hire someone assigned as an assistant manager that can act in your place when you are not on-site.

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