Interview With Gary Vaynerchuk: Real Value In Social Media #1aDayQandA

March 13, 2013
Gary Vaynerchuk shares insight on his cultural heritage, offering real value in social media, business coaching, passionate language, the best…...
Interview With Gary Vaynerchuk: Real Value In Social Media #1aDayQandA featured image

Gary Vaynerchuk shares insight on his cultural heritage, offering real value in social media, business coaching, passionate language, the best wine values for 2013, what it would take to get him to move to the Midwest, and his new book, "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook."

What does Gary Vaynerchuk think the real value is in social media?

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Where so many others are trying to teach us ways to take short cuts that can affect the bottom line, this is a guy that says, frequently, "Can't win without putting in the work."  One of my favorite Gary Vaynerchuk quotes!  A statement I can respect, and a principle not evident enough in our world today.

Through my interaction at LiveNinja, I was granted the opportunity to interview Gary Vaynerchuk, wine store entrepreneur, online marketer, social media leader, well-known author, and keynote speaker.  This is part of his initiative to do 365 interviews in a year (#1aDayQandA).

Gary enthusiastically answered all of my questions, and generously extended me extra time.  A list of the questions I asked follows below; The audio file of the interview below the questions so you can then hear his answers.

Pay special attention to his words about saying thank you, Facebook Graph Search, his upcoming book as an entrepreneurial tool, and be sure to stay tuned to the end for Gary's wine recommendations:

The 13.5 Questions I Asked Gary Vaynerchuk

Q: I used to work with international students - Designated by the US Department of State for special work with teens from Belarus and other Eurasian countries.  Honestly, some of the smartest and most eloquent of my students.  How important is your Belorussian heritage to your personal and to your business identities?

Q: While I was working in the non-profit sector, back then we discussed that a person wants to be thanked 7 different times, 7 different ways.  Today, is that enough?

Q: I'm originally from Michigan, but currently in Ohio.  The "middle ground" in many ways seems to need to "catch up to the coasts."  By the time we are hip to social media, you're into the next phase in New York City.  What words do you have to the entrepreneur in the Midwest still trying to catch on to social media?

Q: This is for a fellow marketer that I really like and respect - Expound upon your "sweat equity" theory and do you still feel it applies with the saturated social media market of today. 
Bonus question - What's it like to hang-out with Conan and have drinks after the show?

Q: In your opinion - How does a social media agency offer REAL VALUE to their clients?

Q: In your opinion - What's the #1 quality in a good social media manager that makes them a "kick ass" social media manager?

Q: Coaching programs -What is the one thing we should not miss expecting of a mentor/coach?

Q: I read that you are enthused about Rebel Mouse and believe it will be very important to us in 5 years time.  Why?

Q: You're passionate and swear.  As a family guy, do you swear at home?  Are your language patterns ever a detriment in securing speaking engagements?

Q: Food Economy - What business climate shifts would need to happen for you to consider moving even part of your operation to Ohio?

Q: You're working on "Jab Jab Jab Right Hook." - Tell me about the book.  Why should we read it?

Q: Gary Vaynerchuk book - After your upcoming book...  What's next for Gary?

Q: Gary Vaynerchuk Wine -- I grew up visiting relatives in the Finger Lakes area of New York.  When label art was just coming into existence, I was tasting the simple but fun wines at Bully Hill.  I'm also a world traveler, so I am adventurous.  Anybody can drink Chardonnay or Merlot from the grocery store.  So... What's the adventurous wine of 2013 that we don't want to miss??



Alternate link to listen to my interview with Gary Vaynerchuk

Good stuff, right!?  :)

NOT A 19 Year Old Dude!

I found Gary to be an enthusiastic entrepreneur that operates from his heart.  A passionate, genuine guy with 365 degree peripheral vision.

Gary Vaynerchuk Twitter - If you've found this interview interesting and you're not already connected to him, you can follow Gary on Twitter (@garyvee) where you can experience, first hand, his techniques and personal style.

To watch Gary on video and see the list of interviews he has done so far this year:

Gary Vee's 1aDayQandA Page

Over To You

Did anything Gary said surprise you?

What question would YOU ask Gary Vaynerchuk if you had the opportunity?

Very curious -- Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!  :)

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