Increase Sales: What Will Make Customers Part With Their Cash?

August 13, 2018
Are you considering strategies to increase sales revenue? Here are three clever ways to make customers part with their cash…...
Increase Sales: What Will Make Customers Part With Their Cash? featured image

Are you considering strategies to increase sales revenue? Here are three clever ways to make customers part with their cash where you win and so do they...

How To Increase Sales Online By Being Prepared, Offering Value And Being Credible

In business, the conversation always comes back to how to increase sales volume. And to do so and turn a profit, you need to convince customers to part with their cash.

It’s not just about providing them with a product or service that they need or want. With so many competing businesses out there your ideal customer has their pick of a plethora of options where they wish to make their purchase.

To stand out from the crowd and convince a potential customer to buy from your business, we'll outline a few things you need to do below.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Good customer service is absolutely vital, and it could be this alone that motivates a customer's decision to shop with yours over another business.

Before placing an order, a potential customer might reach out to ask a question or to query you on a product or service. If this is handled quickly and efficiently it will give them a good feeling about your brand.

Good customer service will also encourage repeat customers. Since several aspects of our companies' operations can now be automated, we need to remember customer experience when setting up quality process systems.  A top priority should be the right software.  From business process modeling to CRM software these can help you to present yourself in an organized way and provide a more customized service to each customer.

Any workers you have will also need to have excellent customer service skills.  This includes phone and live chat operators, as well as cashiers and your salespeople. You want a customer to feel valued. In turn, they will be far more likely to shop with you.

Increase Sales By Being Present Online

When a customer is considering shopping with you for the first time, they might search for you online to get some background information -- Particularly if they’re making a larger purchase.

We have heard of many Internet scams, so people are rightly cautious. You need to do what you can to show that your organization is legitimate and trustworthy:

All of those will show that your brand is here to stay. Additionally, it will display that you are who you say you are, and you won't just take people’s money and run.

Be responsive on social media. You could always outsource the work to a social media expert or marketing agency if you don’t have the time to manage these tasks properly yourself.

Build Up Good Reviews And Increase Sales

Finally, when a customer is unsure they will more than likely search for reviews published about your brand online. Building up good reviews and a positive online reputation is important. It could be the difference between a potential customer taking a chance on you or clicking off your site and choosing one of your competitors instead.

Tip to increase sales: Work with bloggers. Provide them with a product or service, and let them take a test drive for free. You won’t be able to demand that you receive a good review but you will get an honest one. If your company invests in good customer experience, then it should be positive.

You could also send follow up emails asking customers to offer a review after each transaction.  Usually, if your requests is concise and you make it easy to submit the review, then many people will do it. Point them to your business on third party review sites like Reevoo and Trustpilot or ask them to review you on your social media accounts.

Summing It Up

Pondering the question ... To increase sales: What will make customers part with their cash?

  • Preparedness
  • Value
  • Credibility

Tie these things into your customer experience strategy, and both you and your customers will win.


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