How To Tell A Good Social Media Strategist From A Bad One

May 6, 2011
How can you tell a good social media strategist from a bad one? Before you’ve parted with cash and your…...
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Idea Girl Media offers a top-rated explanation of how to tell a good social media strategist from a bad one!How can you tell a good social media strategist from a bad one?

Before you've parted with cash and your reputation flushed down the toilet?

The first part of this post was my answer to the above question on Quora on January 11, 2011.

At present, it is one of the top answers for this question on the social question platform...

My recommendation is to consider the the following:

* What do they know about your business? What are they willing to find out?

* Is the strategist working in social media as a side job, or is this their concentration? How much time are they willing to commit?

* What tools are they using, and how are they using them?

* Do they recommend a generic portfolio of networks? I'll echo that one-size-fits-all does not work. There should be a matching of networks to business and, most importantly...goals.

* Do they ask about the desired outcome?

* Is their LinkedIn profile current, reflective of consistent updates, and include details that identify them as having education and other talents? Where did they get their training? What is their network circle? Are they interacting with groups there?

* Can they offer positive references related with work they will do for you? What is the credibility of those references?

* Their Twitter profile - is it current, consistent, and do they offer tweets of value? You'll also want to take a look at who they are following. Who are they re-tweeting?

* What is their knowledge of Facebook? Are they following the Facebook-specific blogs? Have they offered insight about Facebook Ads?

* Ask about where they get their news. Social media news is important, but are they looking at tangible industries?

* What are their favorite sources for staying current on social media? Mashable is good, also Social Media Examiner. Here is the list of finalists competing for the Top Social Media Blogs of 2011.  Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media is active on Quora!

* Are they familiar with Quora? Have they started interacting?

* Do they bring to you points you had not considered?

Another way to approach is to ask in advance how they would handle a snafu that you are looking to avoid.

  • Is there a credible plan to approach?
  • If Plan A is not successful, what is Plan B?

Social Media Strategy is about building relationships and creating community.

Here is a post about selecting a Facebook Community manager - many of the points are relevant.

The word "social" means there is a back and forth -- a 2-way stream of communication.

So it only makes sense to place some responsibility on the individual hiring the social media strategist...

* Are they willing to ask the above questions and consider the answers? Re-direct if needed?

* Are they willing to provide details to the strategist in a timely manner to execute the plan?

* Are they willing to invest in a 90-day period to establish a good foundation to the social media community they desire?

* Are they willing to accept advice and insight provided by the strategist?

* Are they willing to offer a salary commensurate with the work they expect?

Since I posted my answer, more insight has been offered...

Social media is an investment in the future!

Gary Vaynerchuck wrote a book called, "Thank You Economy."

My friend, Mattias Gronberg chats with Gary in Sweden:

Gary is known to be passionate, and makes some good points to listen to regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Where do you see your business a year from now?

How about 20 years from now?

I'd love to hear your thoughts - Please leave a comment in the box below! :)

** If you're interested in talking about a social media strategy that will be an investment in your business' future, contact me.


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