How To Prevent Data Loss Caused by Technical Issues

September 21, 2020
If you own a business and use computers and the internet to collect customer information, you need to know the…...
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If you own a business and use computers and the internet to collect customer information, you need to know the types of data loss and all relevant aspects of online safety. Here are four critical tips for your team...

Protecting Your Company Against Data Loss

Data loss is becoming a huge problem for businesses and the costs are only rising. In a lot of cases, this loss is a result of a cyberattack and sensitive customer data will be stolen. However, data loss can also occur due to a technical fault with your storage systems.

Unfortunately, businesses spend a lot of time and money protecting themselves from cyberattacks but they don’t always put enough thought into protecting themselves from technical issues. If you store all of your data on local servers, these are best practices to follow to protect your business.

Here's how to prevent data loss due to technical issues.

Preventing Your Company Against Data Loss

Back Up Regularly To Avoid Data Loss

If data is only stored in one place, the chances of losing it all are very high. One single technical fault can immediately wipe away all of that information and you have no way of getting back. That leaves your business in a very difficult position.

That is why backing up data is so important and you need do it on a regular basis. Investing in cloud storage is the best way to ensure your company data is securely backed up and you can easily recover it if needed. 

Cloud storage and cloud based services can also be cost-effective, meaning you will be killing two birds with one stone. You will get everything on one platform, making your business run more efficiently -- and ultimately, you will know that all your data is securely stored. If a computer breaks, the server crashes or there’s an electrical outage, it won’t affect your company data. You can find cloud services at

Have An Alternate Power System In Place

Power outages are a very common cause of data loss, so you absolutely need an alternative power system in place.

It’s best to use a good quality diesel engine (click here for more information) to act as a backup if power to the building fails. Your alternate power source will kick in as soon as the power goes out, and your servers will continue to run. In turn, your business continues operating as normal until the power comes back on and you don’t lose any data. 

Use Hard Drive Repair Software

If hard drives on computers are corrupted, you won’t necessarily lose all of that data right away. You can use hard drive repair software to recover.

This doesn’t always work so it is still important to have backups in place. But it’s worth trying this software to see if you can recover any lost information and return the computer or computer network to normal operation.  

Run Regular Recovery Drills

In the event of technical difficulties, it is important that you can recover data quickly and get things up and running again. Any downtime is very costly to your business so you need a good recovery plan in place.

When you have that recovery plan, you should start running regular restore drills. This will give you an idea of how long it will take to restore data and return to normal operation.

Managing your data properly is so important you should consider these restore drills in the same way that you would a fire drill and be sure not to skip them.

Causes Of Data Loss And Final Thoughts

Technical issues are more common than people realize and they are often the reason for data loss. Although it’s important to invest in cybersecurity, it’s equally important to protect your data from technical faults as well. 

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