How To Prevent A Cyber Attack On Your Business

January 25, 2020
You have likely seen news about a recent cyber attack. Every business owner hopes this won’t happen to their company.…...
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You have likely seen news about a recent cyber attack. Every business owner hopes this won't happen to their company. Meanwhile, hackers become more savvy. Here are four tips to help you now...

4 Ways To Avoid Your Business Falling Victim To A Cyber Attack

Your business will likely come up against many challenges over the time of its existence, but one thing that can be a constant threat comes from the online world.

There is a danger that could end up damaging your brand reputation and the health of your business if you do not stay aware of online security topics and cyber attacks news. In turn, your company's security online should be heightened, monitored, and consistently updated.

This article outlines how to prevent a cyber attack on your business.

4 Ways To Avoid Your Business Falling Victim To A Cyber Attack

Train Your Staff To Be Vigilant

You're as good as your people, right?

Your staff are partly responsible for what happens online, as they use workstation during their working day. So it’s really important that you’ve trained each and every staff member to be observant when they’re browsing and doing everyday tasks on their desktop or work-provided laptop.

Workshops or training days are now more possible. Your options:

  • Contract an expert to come in for staff training
  • Send your staff for training on the latest list of types of cyber attacks
  • Purchase a virtual training course with a reputable company specializing in online security

It is essential you choose one of the above options to ensure your team members are not clicking on risky links things and interacting incorrectly with emails that could potentially hold a virus.

Until your team is properly trained, they may think they have an idea of security online, but their knowledge could very well be outdated. Better to regularly provide refresher courses. As the business owner, this gives you peace of mind knowing all aware of potential dangers.

Put A Block On Specific Websites

The reality is your staff will not use only the websites predicted they need for work. Social media sites beckon during lunch hours, as do favorite websites that help team members be efficient in their daily lives. However, some internet browsing can be damaging to network security.

You may want to consider which websites you will allow and which qualify to be blocked. When it comes to cyber and data security, you can’t be lax on browsing abilities. So if you can somehow put blocks on websites that are known to be problematic, your position is proactive rather than reactive and potentially too late.

Upgrade Your Server Security

Server security is the most important part of keeping your business safe. It is wise to make sure your servers are backed up and that they’re secure from being infiltrated.

Speak to your IT security providers about implementing the the best network security possible. Have procedures in place that help add levels of protection to all of your data - yours and your customers'.

Encrypt Everything

Encryption is an extra layer of protection against those who are trying to access your data. By encrypting:

  • Hard-drives
  • External hard-drives
  • Files

You can lock out those who should not have access.

Do the homework. Invest in good encryption on everything that holds valuable data and brand assets.

Final Thoughts On Preventing Cyber Attacks

The more you can do to solidify the protection for your business online, the better. Use the above four tips to help stop the cyber attack types that could affect your company into the future. In addition, research the best Xfinity internet plans to make sure that you are connected 24/7.

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