How To Make Money Blogging (As A Business)

September 16, 2023
Consider this your, “How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners’ Guide. This article talks about what you need to get…...
How To Make Money Blogging (As A Business) featured image

Consider this your, "How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners' Guide. This article talks about what you need to get started, planning, five ways to promote your blog, when to consider advertising, and how to scale your productivity and revenue...

The Fastest Way To Make Money Blogging With Realistic Expectations

Blogging can be a great business! A blog can easily be turned into a full-fledged six-figure business with the correct:

  • Outlook
  • Direction
  • Time
  • Investment

Remember the days when real people asked, "Can I make money blogging about my life?"

Blogging is now so much more than sharing your own personal experiences. A blog can be:

  • Specific to a niche
  • Full of relevant information
  • Newsworthy
  • Local-centric
  • Centered around you and your family
  • Purposely set up to become a business

However, it doesn’t just happen overnight, and this is where people can become deflated or think it isn’t even possible to develop a business from it. 

A blog starts with your domain. A domain that then needs to be turned into something visually appealing in a digital format. The blog needs content, it needs to be optimized with relevant keywords so that your posts show up in search engines, and you need to increase domain authority.

If you are blogging right now, all of those things won’t be new information. But once you grasp it, you can then work on turning your blog into a money maker.

Ready to take that next step? Here's how to make money blogging (as a business).

Website (Blog) Hosting

One of the big things you need to think about when you turn your blog into a business is the blog hosting platform.

Many people start off their blogs on free-to-use platforms like because they don’t want the investment and costs to pay for a self-hosting option. However, if you are serious about making it a business you should shift thinking sooner rather than later. The types of blogs that make money are self-hosted.

There are several reasons...

You can naturally build your domain authority by self-hosting, and those "free" platforms won't steal your SEO. In turn, your blog will be more appealing for advertisers in the future. The higher your domain authority, the more presence you have on Google and other search engines. In turn, people searching for things your blog talks about will be more likely to find you and make a purchasing decision in your favor.

Social Media Exposure And Email Marketing

Social media is an easy way to attract people who might be interested in your content. Creating social media accounts for your blog is a great way to help increase your readership.

You can share when new articles are published on your blog, and also use social media as an extension of your business brand. Many bloggers have separate advertising rates for social media as well as their blogs. As with any successful business, a social media marketing strategy for your blog, where you consistently share content, is key. 

You also need to consistently be building an email list. This will be your most profitable avenue for marketing.

Email marketing will be your main communication with existing audience and readership. Your email marketing platform will provide analytics for improving efforts over time. Those stats will be beneficial when pitching to brands. 

Hire A Virtual Assistant To Make Money Blogging

As your digital platform scales and becomes a magnet for lucrative business partnerships, you may find it challenging to manage routine operational tasks. Essential duties like incorporating internal hyperlinks, enhancing your domain authority through strategic link-sharing in relevant forums, uploading content, content creation, and social media oversight can pile up quickly. A virtual assistant can be a pivotal asset in optimizing these functions.

When onboarding a virtual assistant, it's prudent to establish non-compete agreements to safeguard your intellectual property and business strategies. Given that they'll have access to confidential data, including upcoming advertising initiatives and financial transactions, legal precautions are necessary.

Leveraging tools like Zoom for regular check-ins ensures seamless communication, replicating the oversight typically found in a conventional work environment.

Hire A Virtual Assistant To Make Money Blogging

5 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Now that you are really focused on your blog and turning it into a business, you might be wondering how you can fully monetize your blog. There are many options you can consider:

  • Sponsored posts - This is where a post is created and added to your blog. They may be written for you or you may be commissioned to write them yourself. 
  • Affiliate links - Adding links into posts where if someone clicks and makes a purchase you earn a commission for the referral. 
  • Advertising on your web pages - Some brands may pay for advertising banners on your website and blog. 
  • Ad partners - These are platforms that add advertisements to your blogs. Either on the home pages or in the posts. You will need to add coding so the ads are generated. You may be paid per click. 
  • Working with brands (influencer marketing) - Whether it is reviewing products or services, promotions during holidays, or sharing experiences, brands want to work with real people. They may pay you for the time, gift you products or experiences, or a combination of the two. You can work with brands through your main blog and/or social media. 

Make Money Blogging With Diversification

Another solid blogging tip: diversify your blog within your niche. Aside from the above, you could make money selling:

  • Merchandise
  • Planners
  • Digital products
  • Courses

Diversifying your blog with text for your niche might sound difficult. But it is as simple as writing about multiple topics where your target market holds interest. For instance, if yours is a travel blog, you might cover summer travel, family vacations, budget travel, international travel, business travel, and tangible topics that help people within those categories.

Your Content Plan And Publishing Schedule

For sustained growth and credibility in your niche landscape, a robust content creation and publishing strategy is essential.

Crafting a disciplined schedule fosters operational consistency and streamlines content management. Well-optimized content not only elevates your domain authority but also opens doors for fruitful brand partnerships.

A well-structured plan ensures you maintain a consistent and impactful content pipeline, positioning your platform for long-term success and measurable results.

Now you know how to make money blogging ... as a business. 

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