How To Leverage Your Social Media Presence When Starting A New Business

September 7, 2021
When you’re starting a new business, one of your priorities needs to be a social media presence for business. It…...
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When you're starting a new business, one of your priorities needs to be a social media presence for business. It must be brand-centric yet relatable to potential future customers. This article covers three tactics startups can take to amplify brand awareness and sales potential on social media...

Do you perceive your brand has a lack of social media presence? Think again!

Are you starting your business or opening your doors in a new location? One of your early thoughts may be how to improve social media presence so the launch goes well with many aware.

There are several ways you can enhance and grow your social media presence for optimal effect. One of the issues a lot of businesses have is localizing their social media audience. It’s important to look at all business locations and be sure you are on the right platforms for your brand. Then, you need to amplify your message to mobilize your target markets.

Here's how to leverage your social media presence when starting a new business or opening another location.

Hashtags Are A Great Tool

Especially for DIY marketers, hashtags are something often overlooked during content creation. But using them presents a professional social media presence.

Using hashtags contributes to localizing content. There are a few ways to do this, the obvious of course is hashtagging the city and state of your business. This means when someone searches for a particular location your posts will come up within the search.

There may be different variations of the location hashtags that are used. Try mixing it up from post to post to avoid overwhelming your audience. Also research what hashtags other local businesses and competitors are using and jump in on the hashtag conversation.

On Instagram, you can use up to thirty hashtags per caption. Hashtag tip: More than three in the caption can appear spammy. Keep it clean with with just a few in the caption, and then use up to thirty in the first comment. Your post will still show up in hashtag search.

Use Local Influencers

There are good reasons why marketing companies use social media influencers in their marketing campaigns and social media strategies. You can see good return on your investment and it can be more affordable than other traditional marketing options.

You'll want to partner with influencers that have a strong social media presence and good following from the demographics for your location and niche. If the influencer has more attachment to London and your target location is Los Angeles, this is not a good match.

Ask for their following demographic statistics. Depending on the following 10% of the target and above is a great starting point.

Social Media Presence + Promotions

Why is social media presence important? If you start soon enough, social media can create a buzz within an online audience for your business. Base desired marketing campaign results on your launch date.

Online countdown promotions usually make a big impact before an opening and typically generate awareness. This is a great technique to get people excited and bring foot traffic to your door. Raffles and referral campaigns are also effective.

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