How To Hire A Digital Marketing Team: The Only Guide You Need

April 20, 2020
If you’re considering an in-house digital marketing team and how to manage it, you must first know how to hire…...
How To Hire A Digital Marketing Team: The Only Guide You Need featured image

If you're considering an in-house digital marketing team and how to manage it, you must first know how to hire the best professionals that suit your company. Startups and small businesses should take these four steps...

Is it time for you to hire a digital marketing team for your business?

This type of marketing is only becoming more vital and expansive. Hiring a digital marketing team for your business will probably be necessary. You will need a well-rounded team that can successfully execute your entire marketing strategy.

So below we show you how to hire a digital marketing team: The only guide you need.

Consider Your Budget

It is absolutely essential that you first consider your budget when you are hiring your digital marketing team. One of the easiest ways to keep the costs under control is to outsource rather than hire in-house. The costs are immediately lower because you'll bring on a contractor rather than a full-time employee or employees.

You may also want to consider using a solution that is specifically for small businesses. Small Business SEO packages are available for companies with moderate budgets that still need to guarantee they make a killer impression online.

Establish Needed Roles

Many times, when a start-up or small business is first taking off, you will have an employee on staff who manages all or most of your online marketing. As your company grows, it becomes almost impossible to assign all of your digital marketing needs to one person.

You will need to formulate your digital marketing personnel requirements. Break these needs out into job roles, and try to find experts in these specific niches. If you have a team full of experts, you will be able to reach new audiences and increase sales. 

Identify Focused Teams

Depending on your company's needs, you may even divide your digital marketing team into different branches:

  • A content team
  • An acquisition team

The content team can be helpful for a company that needs to prioritize fresh, original content. This team will also manage, schedule and syndicate your content. Your content team will know types of content to post, when and on what platform. 

The acquisition team is great for monitoring your content analytics. Whether you are posting content or executing a marketing campaign on social media, these experts will work to analyze how certain content is performing with your customers.

This is a great way to know what works in regards to reaching your customer Also what fails to reach them. This provides you with a way to monitor ads and assure the cost of your marketing team are worth the return on investment. In turn, there is an incentive for your team to work harder to meet the company's needs. 

Consider starting with one person on each team, and then add members on as your company grows. 

Help With Hiring

Should you decide you'd rather hire staff that come into your office...

Hiring members for a brand new team for your company can be daunting. Take time to recruit and screen for best employees on your team before conducting actual interviews.

Prioritize attracting the employees you want, and that you could see them fitting into your company's culture. Hire people who are passionate about your company's core values and mission. You want team members that will do what it takes to help your company grow.

Put yourself in your potential hire's shoes. Is the salary and benefit package appealing? Will processes make it easy for them to live their lives while working at your company?

Little details sometimes make a big difference. Perhaps you need a better paystub system that can assist you during the hiring process? If so, check out this paycheck stub template

Embrace These Tips For Hiring The Best Digital Marketing Team

If your company is in need of a digital marketing team, keep these tips in mind to hire talented professionals that fit into your company's culture. Hiring a digital marketing team can take your company to the next level, with better content and research into your customer's digital behaviors. 

For more on digital marketing, SEO services packages and small business growth, explore our blog.

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