How To Choose The Perfect Platforms For Your Business Ads

July 28, 2021
Business ads are one of the most underrated yet most effective ways to boost brand awareness and bring traffic to…...
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Business ads are one of the most underrated yet most effective ways to boost brand awareness and bring traffic to your website and social media platforms. Knowing when and how to use this strategy can make or break your business. Discover how to choose the perfect platforms to use business ads...

How can you use business ads to your advantage?

Online advertisements are one of the best tools for all businesses looking to increase their reach and boost their brand. But deciding where to place your paid ads can be incredibly tough. There are so many websites selling ad space and lots of social media platforms that encourage ads.

Should you go with:

  • Google ads?
  • Facebook ads?
  • YouTube ads?

Will you need an ad manager?

The key to success is figuring out where you will reach the largest number of people in your target markets. People often make the mistake of thinking the website with the most traffic is the best place to advertise. However, it would not be if none of those users are part of the demographic you are targeting.

So, how are you supposed to decide which platforms to use? Here’s how to choose the perfect platforms for your social business ads.

Research Social Media Platforms 

Paid ads on social media can be incredibly effective, but you need to be selective about which platforms you put your focus. Different demographics prefer certain platforms, so you need to consider who your target audiences are and what social media site they are most likely to use.

For example, if you are a B2B company trying to leverage social media, sites like LinkedIn are much more effective than Instagram because there are more business leaders active on the social network. However, if you were trying to market a B2C housewares company, LinkedIn wouldn’t be the optimal place. 

There are some general trends on social media platforms that you should be aware of. Facebook, for example, is more popular with older generations. There are still young users, but most younger people are more active on Twitter and Instagram.

If you are trying to market to a primarily male audience, Twitter is a good option because 68% of its users are men. Understanding these general trends will help you determine where you should put your ads. 

Research Social Media Platforms before you place business ads

Use Marketplaces Made For Business Ads

Ad marketplaces are a great way to connect with well-established websites and publishers so your ads placement is most optimal. Using a good video ad network system will give you access to some of the best-known sites in the world, so you can be sure your business ads are seen by a great audience.

This is a much better option than using things like Google AdSense because there is always the chance that your ads will be displayed on small sites that don’t get much traffic. 

Question The Integrity Of The Platform

This is more important than ever in the era of fake news, corrupt news and online extremism.

If your business is advertising on a website, you are immediately associated with them. Even if you are just paying for ad space. If theirs is a site spreading misinformation or sharing contentious views, this can seriously damage your reputation.

Also, it has been the case that rogue sites might charge for ad space without actually displaying your ads. So, it is important you question the integrity of the site and do background research to make sure they are legitimate and credible before you work with them.

As long as you follow these simple rules, you can find the perfect platforms for displaying paid social business ads. 

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