How To Celebrate a Social Media Carnival on Fat Tuesday

March 8, 2011
Whether you call it Carnival, Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, it is a day to celebrate! Here are some suggestions…...
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Celebrate a Social Media Carnival on Fat TuesdayWhether you call it Carnival, Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, it is a day to celebrate!

Here are some suggestions for celebrating a Social Media Carnival on Fat Tuesday:

* Send an email greeting to your peeps so it's the first thing they see in the morning.  Invite them to a lunch, coffee, or a festive evening treat!

* Celebrate your career:  Log-in to LinkedIn, update your status, then go join a group in your professional field and extend your network!

* Like and comment with your Facebook Friends throughout the day with the groovy things you're doing, your Fat Tuesday indulgences, and Mardi Gras quotes.

* Check-in on Foursquare & leave a tip about your favorite hang-out.  Connect to Facebook and/or Twitter and really share the fun!

* Are you the curious sort?  Ask questions about Mardi Gras on Quora - explore foods, cultures, and world records!

* My one-word theme for the year is "Refresh."  What's yours?  Tweet with your friends about celebrating today, and how good you'll be tomorrow!  :)

More for Pictures & Video?

* Got your mobile phone handy?  Take goofy pictures throughout the day and share!  {Extra points if you share them here!!!}

* Need more bang for your imaging buck?  Grab your Flip Video and document your Carnival of the day.  {Save the really good stuff to share on Saturday}

* Once you've edited your video over a glass of merlot or Earl Gray, upload to YouTube.  Keep the links ready to share on your other networks.

* All those pictures from your day will make a great album at Flickr.  {Pump up your SEO and and link your account to your website, blog, and Facebook!}

Download the FREE Mardi Gras app on your smart phone!

Super-charge your social media

* Your blog is your hub of social media -- Write about the day's delicious adventures!!  Drop in your photos and embed your video.  Then share your post on Facebook and schedule tweets for twitter.  {More extra points if you share the link to your post in the comments below!!!}

More Celebrating

* Don't forget International Women's Day!  This year happens to be the 100th anniversary.  Support a related cause, and do something nice for the special women in your life!!

* PACZKI - If you happen to be in Hamtramck, near Detroit, Michigan get yourself to a bakery and get a "polish doughnut!!!!"  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.  Just do it!!  And share your experience on your choice of social networks! {Say hello to my family and friends while you're there}

Mardi Gras Social Media Ultimate

* Are you lucky enough to be in New Orleans, Louisiana? Still got your smart phone handy??  Download a FREE Mardis Gras app!  Keep track of the parades, find out how to beat the crowds, and learn where to get the most bodacious beads.  {Just don't do anything I wouldn't do..........}

Today is a perfect day to ramp up your social media while having a bit of fun!

What are your plans for celebrating Carnival, Fat Tuesday, and/or Mardi Gras?

How will you use your social media tools?

Will you share your adventures with your friends?

Please share below, and remember my mentions above! :)

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Hootsuite and Social Media Success Summit 2011. (But I would tell you about them even if I were not!!)


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