How Does Technical SEO Help Your Website?

June 14, 2021
Building your website’s SEO campaign includes learning technical SEO as well. But how can you ignite this aspect of your…...
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Building your website's SEO campaign includes learning technical SEO as well. But how can you ignite this aspect of your content marketing strategy? Here are five ways you can start applying SEO and improve your Google search rankings...

Why should you pay attention to technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the foundation of any sound SEO strategy. It optimizes the infrastructure of a website, allowing search engines like Google to view it as one of high value. This can help toward:

  • Ranking higher
  • Generating more leads
  • Driving conversions

As a Search Engine Journal survey found, a significant number of SEO experts tackle technical SEO first before moving on to on-page SEO. The publication offers the perfect analogy: it's like building a house -- a solid foundation is necessary first. 

Companies often hire in technical SEO services to implement a technical SEO strategy. They might also have an in-house team of experts to do it. This will allow them to automate to ensure that your content is adhering to your digital marketing strategy. The effort will help your website in a myriad of ways, including these. 

Your Site Will Load Faster

Page speed is one of the major ranking factors taken into consideration by Google. If your site is slow, taking more than a few seconds to load, most people will go elsewhere. It raises the bounce rate, resulting in less traffic and fewer sales.

A site that loads quickly is more likely to rank higher. Technical SEO addresses factors that can slow your site down. Examples include:

  • poorly optimized images
  • complicated template with too many plugins
  • no content compression
  • slow web host
  • too many CSS image requests on the site's pages

Eliminating Broken Links And Error Pages

What's even more frustrating than a page that takes forever to load? Landing on one that doesn't exist.

Search engines view them negatively, too, and are likely to find many more than visitors will as they follow each link they run into. This can happen so easily. Most sites have at least some broken links inserted on pages because they were shut down or moved.

Technical SEO makes use of tools that can help eliminate broken links.

Increasing Your Reach With Technical SEO

Google and the other search engines find your content more easily, index, and display it once you fix problems like:

  • Slow speed
  • Broken links

And create content with technical SEO in mind.

The results will be more people finding your site. Increasing your reach across different channels typically results in an increase in engagement and sales.

Higher Ranking In Search Results

On that note, when Google and other search engines can easily understand your content, the odds that it appears higher in the search results are much better. That means your site might reach the top of search results and even be spotlighted in the "featured snippets" and "people also ask" sections, which are like the gold standard. 

Better Layout And Display Across Social Media

With technical SEO, the automated process eliminates problems like the wrong text snippet showing up when your content is shared over the various social media platforms. That helps ensure your site is sending a consistent message across all channels.

When you haven't automated which image field should be used for previews, the social media platform will guess from the images that are available on the page. Automating ensures that your audience will see the image that you want them to see.

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