How Can We Find The Elusive Work-Life Balance As Mothers?

October 4, 2018
It is hard to find a sense of both accomplishment and satisfaction as a modern mom. Here are three ideas…...
How Can We Find The Elusive Work-Life Balance As Mothers? featured image

It is hard to find a sense of both accomplishment and satisfaction as a modern mom. Here are three ideas to achieve work-life balance in our modern world...

3 Ways For Modern Moms To Find Work-Life Balance

This day in age, parenting responsibilities tend to be much more split. It’s not uncommon for a woman to go out and be the breadwinner while the man stays home and looks after the kids. We have a much more modern attitude to the way parenting duties can be approached.

However, in many cases it’s still the woman who is the primary caregiver to their children - which can, in turn, affect our work and careers. Of course, we love our children and having them is truly wonderful. But it does have an affect on our working lives.

Women tend to earn less over their lifetime due to having children, with their earning potential significantly lower if they have them earlier in life. However, the world of work is changing. Now, there are flexible ways that we can earn money and still be present for our children. There is no longer the need to decide if you're going to be a working mother or a stay at home mom.

How can we find the elusive work-life balance as mothers? It is possible to have the best of both worlds.  Here are some ideas...

Work For Yourself, From Home

When you work from home, you really can fit it around your other commitments. There is no commute time or fuel expense, and you can access your work quickly and easily.

Whether its when your children are at school, asleep, or out with a family member, you can go to your home office and get down to business. If you establish a company based on your personal interests then it will be enjoyable. A chance to build your skills (or keep them sharp) and earn money without having to attend a job with set hours.

It is now easier to start a business. And there are more opportunities for you can outsource any areas where you’re not skilled or experienced. Whether it’s internet marketing services for SEO, or accounting to prepare tax documents, you can have a third party company take care of some business tasks.

Bonus: This leaves you free to run the areas of your business that you enjoy.

Idea Girl Media Tells You How - Work For Yourself, From Home To Achieve Work-Life Balance

Find The Balance With Your Partner

If you have a partner, it can be useful for you both to work out systems that suit you both. A routine which lets you take it in turns to sleep in, to cook, and do chores around the house can lift a weight off your shoulders. In the long run, this will help you both avoid burn out.

Utilize Additional Help

If you can afford services for:

  • House cleaning
  • Laundry service
  • A nanny (even if its only on occasion)

Don’t feel guilty for utilizing these.

If you have friends and family offering to help you, do not be too proud to accept. Anything that frees up extra time gives you a chance to work, unwind or spend quality time with your children. All time well spent, as opposed to running errands or doing chores. 

In achieving work-life balance, be sure to return the favors so you keep healthy, collaborative friendships.

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