Holiday Marketing: Insider’s Club Holiday Marketplace

December 1, 2015
Looking for holiday marketing ideas?  The Insider’s Club Holiday Marketplace is a great inspiration of holiday marketing with examples of…...
Holiday Marketing: Insider’s Club Holiday Marketplace featured image

Looking for holiday marketing ideas?  The Insider's Club Holiday Marketplace is a great inspiration of holiday marketing with examples of what other small business owners are already doing...

What are some smart entrepreneurs doing to optimize their holiday marketing?

They're getting creative and having fun in their businesses -- That's what they're doing with their holiday marketing!  :)

It's Not Just Holiday Advertising...

The four ladies you will meet in this article understand the value social media can bring to their business, and have become quite savvy at social networking online.  This fab four came up with great holiday marketing ideas to increase their holiday sales that you can peruse, emulate, and even enjoy!

Showcasing What Matters

You will find a common theme in this showcase:

  • Easy to grab
  • Diversely appealing
  • Offers value past purchase and/or sign-up

In addition, you will find it easy to connect with these small business owners and enjoy a relationship with them past the holiday marketing season.  They have embraced what social media marketing is all about.

Lets meet them, shall we?

Holiday Marketing: Insider's Club Holiday Marketplace

While this is meant to highlight their work and spark holiday marketing ideas, you will have an opportunity to learn a bit about each small business owner...

Sheryl Brown, Sheryl Brown Art

Sheryl Brown offers a testimonial for Idea Girl Media's Likeable League led by Keri JaehnigSheryl paints from the heart.  She loves languages, cross cultural communication, books, hiking, dancing, family get-together’s and her work as a Life Coach and Marriage & Family Therapist. Sheryl’s painting style has been compared to that of famous painters, often described as something between impressionism and abstract.

“As an Artist, Life Coach, and Marriage & Family Therapist, I practice art in more ways than one!”

Her holiday marketing promotion:

Sheryl Brown offers her convertible scarf as part of the holiday marketplace at Idea Girl Media, a holiday marketing initiative

#SherylBrownArt Convertible Silk Scarf - Limited Edition "Firecracker Love" print, 8x40" in size.  Introductory Holiday price, $49.00.  PLUS: Be one of the first 3 to order this scarf, and get the Early Bird Bonus!  

  • Artist Signed
  • Wearable Art
  • 100% Silk Scarf

Early Bird Bonus: A 5x7" Fine Art Giclee Frameable Art Notecard of "Firecracker Love."

Until December 15, 2015, they pay taxes & shipping within the continental US!

Get your Limited Edition Firecracker Love Convertible Scarf Now

Thinking a purse to go with the scarf goes well together?... 

Adele McIntosh, Miche M-Bassador

Adele McIntosh, Travel Advisor and Miche M-Bassador, with a clever holiday marketing promotion as showcased at Idea Girl MediaTravel Advisor by day, Adele talks the talk and walks the walk in making others' vacation dreams come true.  Every vacation should be treated special and given that extra attention to details!  So, you've got to have the right bag to carry your passport, right?

Adele is also an Independent Miche M-Bassador - Bags and luggage offering the ultimate combination of style, convenience and affordability.

Her holiday marketing promotion:

Adele McIntosh offers a holiday marketing promotion via Miche handbags: 12 Deals Of Christmas, as Keri Jaehnig at Idea Girl Media explains

12 Deals of Christmas - 12 Days, 12 Items, $12.00 Each.

HURRY - Only while supplies last!  Styles available for one day each.

Get your favorite Miche style handbag here now

So, you've got the perfect wearable art and handbag for your professional image.  Are you creating and publishing content to attract your ideal customers?

Robyn MacKillop, Ph.D., Robyn MacKillop Ph.D.

Robyn MacKillop offers two free webinars about creating your own program, as showcased in a holiday marketing showcase at Idea Girl MediaRobyn is a researcher, author, speaker, and online education expert.  She holds degrees in Business, Business Administration, Teaching, and Leadership and Online Teaching.  Robyn is skilled in online presence management and conducting winning teleseminars/webinars.

In Robyn's words: Online teaching and learning flattens the playing field for professionals. Businesses can thrive online without regard to medical issues, demographics, geography or time.

Her holiday marketing promotion:

Robyn MacKillop, Ph.D., offers a holiday marketing promotion of 2 free webinars to Create Your Online Program

LIVE Online Event - "Turn Your Content Into Cash: Create Your Online Program."

  • Create that course!
  • Power up that program!
  • Exercise your expertise!

Learn how to create your product in 5 easy steps.

Choose date and time - All will be live:

  • December 8, 2015 at 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET
  • December 10, 2015 at 4:00pm PT/7:00pm ET

Sign up here for the FREE LIVE webinar

Now you need the right visual content, right?

Jennifer Jensen, Jennifer Jensen Communications Consultant

Jennifer Jensen offers her holiday marketing promotion of 5 graphics for $97 via Idea Girl Media's Holiday Marketplace  Jennifer is a communications consultant who loves to communicate, inspire others and jump into the trenches to help get the work done.  She enjoys rising with a variety of businesses, especially ones who may not have access to marketing and promotion resources.

Jennifer has built successful promotions and interactive departments within radio stations. She understands the importance of knowing your audience, how to be where they are and how to efficiently deliver messaging.

Her holiday marketing promotion:

Jennifer Jensen, Communications Consultant offers her graphics holiday marketing promotion at Idea Girl Media's Holiday Marketplace online

Give yourself the gift of time!

5 custom branded graphics for 2 Social Media Channels for your holiday marketing for only $97.00.

Get your graphics now

Some great holiday marketing specials above!

About The Holiday Marketplace

Excellent professionals, terrific holiday marketing ideas - They have really put some great specials with timely possibilities!

This fine group of entrepreneurs is part of Idea Girl Media's Insider's Club.  This Holiday Marketplace is one of the club's initiatives to help their businesses grow and showcase their talents.

The Insider's Club meets online monthly to discuss social media and business topics, and hosts guest speakers to explore new topics and way to expand business growth.  The secret Facebook Group serves as a 24/7 forum to exchange questions and ideas, a private Instagram account provides inspiration, and there are occasional discounts and incentives especially for them.

Learn how the group evolved here

Holiday Marketing, Full Circle

The Holiday Marketplace is a collection of great examples that can be adapted to any small business and most niches.  Additionally, small business owners can opt to tweak these holiday marketing ideas and make them a yearly tradition customers can look forward to.

Really cool: If you are a small business owner, the above options, together, even offer a well-rounded package to heighten your online and professional image!

 Red Santa Cap Over To You!

Your turn...

Which holiday marketing idea is your favorite?

Can you see packaging a two or more together to help you in your business?

Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments box below... :)


Intrigued by the Insider's Club?  Join the club and grow your business too! 

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