Hiring Employees: Why You Should Hire People, Not Skills

November 12, 2019
Whether you’re hiring employees as an LLC, or as an entrepreneur building a startup, attracting and retaining top talent is…...
Hiring Employees: Why You Should Hire People, Not Skills featured image

Whether you're hiring employees as an LLC, or as an entrepreneur building a startup, attracting and retaining top talent is essential to running a cost-efficient operation. This article will help you develop this important skill...

The Keys To Hiring Employees Best For Your Business Growth

When hiring employees, it’s easy to look at resumes and CVs and just see a list of skills. However, while someone may be perfect for the position on paper, they may be the worst fit for your company from a business culture perspective.

New Team Members

A new employee can revitalize your team and drive it to success or demoralize it beyond repair. Employees with the values that do not match yours not only hurts your daily business, they can also expose you and your company to legal issues and place other team members at risk.

Interviewing New Team Members

It is understandable that during an interview you may really like a candidate who is different from you because you are open-minded and genuinely like people. If you don't know it yet, you'll soon learn that the "wrong people" will be costly to your organization. They usually:

  • Talking the talk without follow-through
  • Alienate customers and other staff
  • Do not meet goals

Even when it becomes clear they do not "fit," and that their promises are just empty words, you may be tempted to keep working at it. However, much of the time this doesn't work. Every risk you take is a learning experience. Where human resources is concerned, getting it wrong can be highly detrimental to your bottom line.

How To Screen Employees Effectively

Remember, you can verify the SSN of an employee applicant and get as many references as you like. Also realize it is easier to determine an individual's values if you hold several consecutive interviews over several days or a few weeks. During the second or third interview with the same person, candidates will feel more comfortable revealing their true character.

Employee Requirements Checklist

Having a list of coveted values, and a prepared list of pointed questions, at the time of the interview would tremendously help you discover which values the candidate possesses. Having a list of negative values or values which diminish the opportunity for success will also help you in your decision. Negative values are simply the opposite of the items listed below.

Personal Chemistry

Skills can, and should, be taught.

When you have a candidate whose personality is an ideal fit for your business, but they lack some technical background needed, don't write that person off. Being successful in a job isn't necessarily about having every skill in place before you start.

It is important to have likable people who have:

  • Good eye contact
  • A firm handshake
  • Willingness to help people

Technical skills can be taught, and it's a mistake to only look for employees who know every specification for the job before they begin. No matter what skill level your new employee, everyone needs some level of training at a new company.

Even for jobs that aren't particularly customer-facing, personality can be the difference between a successful working environment and one where your employees are unhappy or hostile toward each other.

Employees with the right personality for your company will have an easier time integrating into the office and working with their colleagues. This makes a stronger team and leads to better communication, more collaboration, and a more productive working environment.

How To Hire Employees Effectively

When you interview people be sure you don't make the critical mistake that prevents you from identifying these ideal personalities: Talking too much.

Your goal should be to let them talk during an interview so you can listen to what they have to say. You learn nothing by hogging the floor.

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