Have A Little Fun With Your Convention Display This Year

November 7, 2018
Whether you go with a pop-up trade show booth or an innovative convention display will make all the difference. Here…...
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Whether you go with a pop-up trade show booth or an innovative convention display will make all the difference. Here are 3 ideas for your next niche event...

Convention Display Services You Must Know About

We all know that the art of showmanship is to keep pushing the boundaries. Even better to have fun with it. Of course, this might sound pretty over the top if you’re simply presenting something mundane that your company has made, such as a new line of drainage pipes.

But is it really?

After all, there’s someone out there who finds drainage pipes exciting. If you manage to present in the right way, you might develop more people of this ilk. This may seem a somewhat silly or strange example, but it goes to show that if you want people to think in a certain manner about your product, YOU need to be the driver of that notion.

Trade shows are the perfect place to introduce people to new ideas. Providing potential customers a pathway to your products or services at your exhibit can help your business shine, and give you the opportunity to network and potentially engage new clients.

However, portable trade show displays are a dime a dozen at these fairs. Don’t be like this. Push the envelope; set new standards. Have a little fun with your convention display booth this year. Wow your audience!

How? In the following three fantastic ways:

Custom Booths

Why not look into custom trade show booths? Often they can bring with them amazing creative presentation or some true hilarity to engage passers-by at the event.

A great place to start is considering what type of product you are offering. What words might be associated with it? Intelligent? Useful? Amazing? Sexy? Perhaps pertaining to a period or culture? If you consider that, you can begin.

It might be that the convention isn’t exactly a trade show, but your business platform being there makes yours available to be celebrated. For example, selling a new line of chairs at a gaming convention might be worthwhile. In that situation you might try to make your demonstrative platform the most comfortable seating area in the entire building.

Small ideas like this can add up well over time, giving you and your business the place to excel in your niche, from top to bottom.


Pyrotechnics can be a very fun thing to implement when unveiling your new product. Initially, it sounds silly, over the top, and even ... dangerous. But with:

  • The right team
  • The permission of the convention center
  • A tightly choreographed segment

You can pull it off. We know you want to, and people will surely remember it!

Scripts & Performance

Have you considered creatively flexing your theatrical muscle at an event?

Instead of a boring business speech, you might arrange a performance of theatre or music, or perhaps custom write a jingle for someone to perform. You might even decide to be part of this yourself.

Conventions are often stiff and boring. Take a creative risk. Have fun. Celebrate your business. You never know who just might share your enthusiasm and care that you went the extra mile.

Final Fun

With these simple tips, having a little fun with your convention display this year is sure to be worthwhile, and excite your audience from beginning to end. 

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