Happy Foursquare Day 2011!

April 16, 2011
What – There’s a holiday for Foursquare? Yep.  April 16th (4 x 4 = 16).  Foursquared! Kinda cute, huh? Even…...
Happy Foursquare Day 2011! featured image

Idea Girl Media encourages people and businesses to celebrate Foursquare Day 2011!What - There's a holiday for Foursquare?

Yep.  April 16th (4 x 4 = 16).  Foursquared!

Kinda cute, huh?

Even better, you don't have to buy a special dress, purchase an advanced ticket, or travel huge distances to celebrate.  You just check-in at your favorite businesses, or with your favorite brands, and hopefully receive a discount or special to reward your customer loyalty.  Simple.

So, why should people run, flailing their arms, to celebrate Foursquare Day 2011? Because it's fun, and it encourages the support of local business!!

(And if you're in the USA, hopefully you sent in your taxes and it is time to celebrate).

A Bit Of Background

Foursquare Day started out as an idea in Tampa, Florida.  Now, celebrated on the 16th of April each year, "Foursquare is a chance to get out and connect with others, in your neighborhood and around the world."  So, it's gone from very local to very international.

Motto - "FOURSQUARE DAY: When the world is your venue!"

For Customers

All you have to do is upload the latest Foursquare App to your mobile phone, and head out to your favorite places.

When you get to an establishment where you will purchase or interact:

  • Whip out your mobile phone.
  • Activate the foursquare app.
  • Check-in.
  • Communicate with staff regarding the details seen on your phone.

Hopefully the business manager has set up a special especially for today -- A discount, one-time freebie with purchase, or a special coupon you receive to use on something really nifty coming up soon.  :)

Enthused businesses might be offering an opportunity for patrons to get their Swarm Badge - Earned when at least 50 people check-in at the same place at the same time.  FUN!! Idea Girl Media encourages businesses to host an event where patrons can earn their swarm badge!

Here's a list of all Foursquare Events held globally today: Access Spreadsheet

If you're in or near Columbus, Ohio, you're in luck - they have special plans!  You can tweet your check-ins with the hashtag #4sqdaycbus (see easy spreadsheet for details).

For Business

You just have to be excited about customers coming to visit.  Hopefully you have already claimed your business and decided how you will reward customer loyalty with a few groovy specials.

Best results from today will probably come from advanced planning.

...But - it is not too late to quickly put together a good last minute special.

Take a look at how simple it can be:

If you try to go for the Swarm Badge, you will need to be promoting consistently through the day, and begin spreading the word ASAP.  Choose a time later in the day to gather 50 or more people.

  • Post to Facebook periodically through the day.
  • Message strategically about the quest for a Swarm Badge.
  • Tweet the event, if you're on Twitter.
  • Email to customers early in the day.

For Everyone

This is an opportunity to enjoy your friends and support your local businesses.

Play safe and have fun!

Now its your turn...

Where will you be checking in on Foursquare Day 2011?

Will you try for a Swarm Badge?

Tell me in the comment box below!


* Disclosure: I am a Foursquare Ambassador.  I believe Foursquare is a marvelous idea and it is my preferred location based marketing platform - I rank it above Facebook Places for several reasons.  To date, I have earned the Swarm Badge and 24 other badges, 950 recorded check-ins, and 21 current Foursquare mayorships.  Competitive by nature, when I am ousted as a mayor I frequent the related business to gain that status back.  Keep up with me on Foursquare!


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