Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!

January 24, 2011
If you’re an online community manager (a social media manager), then today’s your day. Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!!  As…...
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If you're an online community manager (a social media manager), then today's your day. Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!!  As someone that manages a handful of online communities, I wish you a fabulous day filled with positive and passionate interactions.

Very recently, Dan Harris wrote a blog article on today's 2nd Annual Community Manager Appreciation Day for Fresh Networks.  Fresh Networks' blog is ranked #2 for Community Management, #8 for PR, and #40 for Social Media.  Not bad!

Dan gave the good, the bad, and the ugly of being an online community manager.  I agree with him that it is fun to speak with fun, passionate, like-minded people each day.  And I also agree that a community manager rarely sleeps - social media management is a 24/7 job.

The infographic within the blog post was colorful, and I was intrigued that it identified the position with such depth: Customer management, brand management, advertising & marketing, staff development, business planning, and professional development, among others.  Wow!

An online community manager should be looked upon as a valued part of your operations, and the front line in getting your message to the masses.  Your social media manager is the heart and soul in creating and developing relationships that drive your business forward.  Additionally, most of the time their results and success is more trackable than print advertising and other "old school" methods.


If you are a small business owner, nonprofit director, or marketing department head, then today is your opportunity to reach out and express your thanks to the one that manages your brand online.

Does your organization observe Community Manager Appreciation Day?  How will you show your thanks for all they do?

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