Four Ways to Optimize Flash Sales

May 9, 2020
Brand marketing has evolved and flash sales websites are becoming more common to fulfill a need to facilitate ecommerce marketing…...
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Brand marketing has evolved and flash sales websites are becoming more common to fulfill a need to facilitate ecommerce marketing campaigns. Are you considering hopping in? Here are four things to consider first...

Are you thinking of a flash sales business model? Consider these four things.

More and more people are working from home and having their essential items delivered. As a result, online shopping has become more popular, and with many stores switching to online sales, those who’d typically shop at the store are turning to ecommerce.

For retailers, if they implement the right strategy it’s a great opportunity to connect with customers and promote related products to encourage increased sales. Flash sales are a great way to create a sense of urgency. Many people are earning less right now, and this type of incentive is a great way to show support for your customers. You make it easier on their wallet and they can make the purchases they need. A win-win.

We’ve put together some top tips to help you build loyalty to your brand. Here are four ways to optimize flash sales and also encourage business growth.

Consider Running For Longer Than Usual

eCommerce store owners have found themselves in an unusual position. Customers are at home with more time to kill and as a result, they may be spending more time browsing the web and looking for deals on the items they commonly buy.

They may also be looking for new needs -- Whether it’s toys and games to keep the kids entertained or functional items to revamp a space for a home office during the Coronavirus lockdown. This means you may be able to get away with running flash sales for a bit longer since customers have more time to browse and fill their online carts.

Promote Your Sale

Chances are, you’re not the only ecommerce brand running a flash sale at the current time, so it’s important you assure your customers are well-informed about your offer. Promote your flash sale on social media and with an email to your regular shoppers.

Since people at home are likely to be spending more time than usual browsing their social media feeds right now, you might want to consider investing in social ads as well.

Be Transparent

Transparency is more important now than ever before, with some people feeling uncertain about ecommerce. So, be sure that you are upfront about the terms and conditions of your sale. Ensure that customers know exactly what they are entitled to and how to get it.

It’s also important you are clear about how shipping works and of any issues there may be. For example:

  • Delivery services are running a little slower than usual
  • Next-day delivery might not be available
  • Certain locations may temporarily require additional shipping charges

Be sure to address all concerns customers might have during the checkout process.

Understand Your Customers

Finally, it’s worth keeping in mind that many decision-makers are turning to online shopping right now to buy the things that they need, rather than fun or impulse purchases. In turn, it is important to know your customers and understand what they want and like when deciding which products to discount.

Conduct some market research to determine which products are going to be most appreciated in any flash sale. Also consider which related products are well-liked or needed with each item so there is opportunity to suggest they add items to their cart. They are pleased with their choices, you see increased sales. Again, a win-win.

Winning With Flash Sales

With more people than ever spending time shopping online, the current atmosphere presents a unique landscape for ecommerce companies to build brand awareness and gain new customers via flash sales. 

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