Four Steps To A Successful Amazon Product Launch

August 18, 2020
Think you might need an Amazon product launch strategy? From consultant to services, to checklist to strategy, this article takes…...
Four Steps To A Successful Amazon Product Launch featured image

Think you might need an Amazon product launch strategy? From consultant to services, to checklist to strategy, this article takes you through the most important steps to launching your product on Amazon...

The Amazon Product Launch Checklist You Don't Want To Be Without

It’s no secret that Amazon is an incredible tool for selling a product. Whether you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while or you are new to the process, understanding the best way to launch a product on Amazon is key to growing your revenue.

Once you’ve taken the time to brainstorm and create your new product, you’ll want to attract the right customers and see positive ROI. Below we list four steps to a successful Amazon product launch.

Start Talking About It

The first thing you’ll want to do is start hyping up your new product before getting the listing up. The goal is to build excitement. What are some ways that you can do this? You might consider:

  • Writing blog posts about the product
  • Reaching out to niche influencers
  • Attending events to talk about the product and release date
  • Posting about it frequently on your brand's social media accounts
  • Creating a countdown to the product release

You might even want to consider a giveaway to keep everyone listening and engaging with your posts and tweets as you lead up to the product launch. This is also a great way to build an email list for future marketing campaigns.

Stock Your Inventory

Effectively balancing inventory supply is a major key to your success. Start with a large enough inventory to meet the demand, but not so large you must short other resources.

As you carry on, you will also want to stay ahead of the game by placing orders to restock your inventory before you’re all out of the product. There’s nothing worse for an Amazon shopper than to see that something is out of stock. They’re likely to peruse other vendors to see what similar items they can find currently in stock.

That means they are shopping with a competitor and not with your business. Don’t let this happen - Stay organized and on top of your inventory.

Create Your Product Listing

Perhaps one of the most important steps in preparing to launch a product on Amazon is creating an effective, captivating product listing.

Start with some high-quality images. It is wise to include a variety of both lifestyle and product images. Some prefer to see the product in action, others prefer to see it by itself.

Write a concise yet thorough description of the product using relevant keywords. One of the major factors in helping people find your product is by implementing keywords in your product descriptions.

The product listing deserves time and effort. Putting a fair amount of time into composing a solid description will bring traffic and sales.

Get Some Reviews

A recent study shows that “84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” Data doesn’t lie.

When you have a good number of reviews for your product, people are much more likely to trust that it is high quality and worth the investment. In fact, on Amazon, product listings with online reviews are considered better than those without reviews. So get creative and get some reviews!

You might set up an email campaign geared toward gathering reviews from recent customers. Also reach out to your social media followers and encourage them to leave reviews for your products.

Final Thoughts On Your Amazon Product Launch

As you prepare to launch your new product on Amazon, you’ll want to be sure to take the above aspects into account. A properly planned product launch is key to your long-term success!

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