Flip Video: A Groovy Tool

December 21, 2010
Do you watch more YouTube Videos these days?  Are you sharing more video messages or seasonal funnies with your friends…...
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Flip Video Mino HDDo you watch more YouTube Videos these days?  Are you sharing more video messages or seasonal funnies with your friends on Facebook?

It's no wonder YouTube has surpassed Yahoo! to become the #2 search engine.  Flip Video makes it super-easy to capture and share!!

I first heard of Flip Video from Ramon DeLeon, a presenter at Social Media Success Summit 2010.  His energy is contagious, and he is quite clear that for business purposes he wants to be found! Ramon uses video in a major way to relate with and provide customer service for his Domino's Pizza customers in Chicago.  I was so convinced and intrigued, that I went out to purchase a Flip Video recorder that very evening!

Flip Video Mino HD - It's slick, it's silver, and it fits in my pocket!  I purchased the 8 GB option, offering me two hours of video recording ability.   This delicious little tool has a USB that flips out right from itself (thus, the name) and plugs right into the computer.  From there, I can make easy edits, insert music for a movie, and charge the device.  The digital zoom potential is good, and the buttons and functions are very parent and grandparent-friendly.  So is the price!

Two Video Examples:

#1 - A FUN 50th Birthday!

#2 - Glenn Beck visits my town

Why should you get A Flip Video?

* The Size - I keep mine in my purse.  It's actually smaller than my cell phone.

* Your Profession - More and more often companies are utilizing video to convey important messages.  Create "How-To" videos and celebrate triumphs for greater understanding of what your company is all about.

* Get Found! - YouTube is the #2 search engine.  If you are a business owner, why shouldn't you have presence there??

* Video Testimonials - Non-profits especially win with positive statements on video!  Encourage others to brag about what you do well!  Small business owners, did you get that?  Connect with your website, Facebook, and email newsletters.

* It is FUN - Especially if you are a parent, what a treasure to capture those special moments and let family and friends keep up with you on Facebook!

* Safety - Just like jumper cables, an ice scraper, and a bottle of water -- Nice to have around during those less-optimal moments.  If you were in a car accident, wouldn't a video be helpful in working with your insurance provider?

Extra Groovy Bonus: You can now design the look of your Flip Video.  How fun!  And, if you are a fan on Facebook, right now they have a special offer for $15.00 off.  An amazing gift, eh?

Are you using Flip Video?  What did I leave off the list?  Is anyone using something different and finding success?

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