Five Easy Steps Toward Prioritizing Workplace Health And Safety

May 1, 2022
Your company may not be large enough to have a formal health and safety department. However, you still must attend…...
Five Easy Steps Toward Prioritizing Workplace Health And Safety featured image

Your company may not be large enough to have a formal health and safety department. However, you still must attend to these matters for your small business. This article outlines five smart steps to proactively and easily anchor your company...

How To Make Your Business More Health And Safety Conscious

Prioritizing your staff’s health, as well as your own, when you run a business is essential. Allowing yourself or your team to be vulnerable to danger or illness will negatively impact the overall strength of your business. Also keep in mind, sick or injured members of your team can hinder your company’s productivity.

  • Installing adequate lighting in the stairwells
  • Hiring a line striping company to mark out your parking lot

Both contribute toward effective health and safety for your team. You need to keep people safe when they come into your business. By prioritizing their health and safety, you can do exactly that.

Some niches must follow best practices motivated by a Health And Safety At Work Act. Here are five easy steps toward prioritizing workplace health and safety.

Encourage Disinfection

Presently, everyone is more conscious of health and hygiene. After the pandemic, more and more people are turning to disinfection and sanitization products for everyday life. In turn, this is something you should instill into your business practices to affirm health and safety at work. 

If you run a medical business, especially for women's health, then it will be a good idea to use Sono Wipes so that you and your team can effectively disinfect equipment. Disinfection will free your workspace of germs, which will reduce the risk of staff and patients picking up bad bacteria that can cause illness.

Offer Comfortable Desk Chairs

Sitting at work is one of the newer health and safety topics discussed by leaders in both the medical and business sectors.

Sitting in a hard chair all day will eventually impact a person’s back and posture. They may eventually experience pain or other health conditions. Offering comfortable desk chairs for all members of your staff will be preventative toward reduction of risk of back problems. Padded chairs will positively enhance posture.

Adding standing desks to offices would be a good and proactive idea. Being able to stand up at work is good for circulation and overall health, letting staff stretch their legs while working.

Data Protection

Business safety isn’t just about physical safety. It also involves your data. Should someone hack into your data system, then it could jeopardize your entire business.

Protect your company data so your:

  • Accounts
  • Information
  • Documents

Are safeguarded, and in effect hidden, so it is less likely hackers could access them. 

 To increase the efficacy of your data protection:


Adding CCTV is another great step to maximize the health and safety procedures within your business. 

CCTV is a great tool to keep an eye on your business operations when you are out of the office. You can use the footage as evidence should anything happen to your business without your supervision.

Showing your team that you are being more safety-conscious about your business and their personal welfare will make them feel more comfortable and protected at work. 

Staff Training For Health And Safety

It is essential to provide all staff with health and safety courses on correct procedures at their workspace. Look into ‘what is risk management?’ to be sure you’re dealing with all matters of health and safety properly within the workplace. Each time new health and safety legislation is passed, staff should be informed of new details so they can react appropriately, with safety at work, should the need arise. 

Periodic training gives staff the knowledge to avoid dangers, keep themselves safe in accident-prone areas, and maximize the overall safety of your workplace

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