Five Client Expectations Your Small Business Must Always Manage Like Houdini

November 2, 2022
You launched your company and promoted you’re open for business. You’ve even signed a few clients and working toward additional…...
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You launched your company and promoted you're open for business. You've even signed a few clients and working toward additional customers. Managing client expectations sometimes seems like a work of magic. Here are five steps to take every single time...

Your Guide To Meeting Client Expectations Every Time

Finding the ideal client requires a lot of work. You first must understand what you can offer to customers, and you also need to do market research and define your ideal demographics.

The other side of the equation is just as critical. Signing the right client means delivering the promised services that meets their needs. It's finding a winning balance of fulfilling client expectations in project management.

So, in a perfect world, what do clients want from business service contractors? Here are five client expectations your small business must always manage like Houdini.


We live in a 24/7/365 world. Meaning:

  • You need to understand the processes behind what you deliver
  • You can help your customers understand what you deliver - How and why
  • Your team can break processes down to the most finite components for maximum results

So there is a winning effect for all.

Many organizations use plugin tools. Autotask plugins like Salesbuildr can integrate with existing software so there is limited waste time going outside existing systems. It sounds incredibly simple ... because it is!


The customer tells you what what they want and expect. So if there is a problem, they don't want to keep repeating themselves, which is one of the biggest pet peeves in customer service. If a customer alerts your team to a concern, it needs to be addressed instantly and effectively, rather than being passed from pillar to post and from handler to handler.

Consistency is critical to ensuring compliance and quality standards throughout the entire process. This is why you need back-office software like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that provides infinite detail on the customer journey. 


Customers in the current climate don't want to just hand over everything to you. They will demand a sense of autonomy. If a customer is partnering with you, they want to know every step of the service process where they are not involved.

In many businesses, the solution is very simple: An FAQ page on a website. It may or may not offer insight into what the customer experience could be. It takes some work out of the equation, from your perspective.

It is a very simple marketing strategy not just handing the reins over to the customer. Have conversations about the service process. Initiate transparency so there is mutual comfort.

Manage client expectations with personalized service says Idea Girl Media

Personalized Service

Customers don't just want a quick response. They want a reply that is unique to them. This is why CRM systems are critical to an organization's back-office functions.

We don't want customers to feel like they are just a number. But sometimes this becomes a trend.

Rather than viewing them as the next in the queue, develop processes that make solutions more personalized. When a customer reaches out, you can provide more human responses, even if you are using chatbots.

Managing Client Expectations And Delivered Promises

Client expectations? Grammar and professionalism is top of list.

When you are marketing your business, you should be transparent. After all, you have the mandate to deliver. When an upset customer expresses dissatisfaction, you may have lost them for life and they will tell everyone they know.

Delivering what you promise sounds simple in theory. But this is critical for your brand reputation to ensure excellent delivery every single time. Authentically promoting that you deliver speed and accuracy will result in more repeat customers.

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