Five Business Trends That Will Change Your Brand

September 29, 2020
Leaders and managers are always looking for new business trends to explore and potentially implement to soar their brands past…...
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Leaders and managers are always looking for new business trends to explore and potentially implement to soar their brands past the competition. Here are five to activate in your company right now...

The Big Brand Breakthroughs That Have Become Small Business Trends

Big brands have likely already tapped into the avenues mentioned below. However, medium and smaller brands may be catching up on the concept mentioned in this article.

We'll all need to be familiar and using these tools before too long. Let's become discover more about these five business trends that will change your brand.

Emerging Business Trends: Artificial Intelligence

Once something of science fiction films, artificial intelligence is now a reality. Not just in the world of gaming, but in the business world too.

Algorithms are largely responsible for creating an efficient world that is not person-centered. This has many advantages to businesses and entrepreneurs across the board, including increased productivity and in-house savings.

One example of how AI is influencing businesses is the chatbot function that appears on many professional websites. The chatbot interacts with the user, as a customer service professional might have done in the past. The chatbot helps customers navigate the site and eventually make purchases.

Content Marketing

If your brand is not yet utilizing the massive advantages of content marketing, then your company is absolutely falling behind. In fact, it's almost unthinkable for a business to be operating without it as part of their marketing strategy. Attracting target markets has become such a standard component of the online marketing model.

Major search engines like Google rank search results according to quality and relevance. If you want to be found by potential customers when they search, you need a high organic search ranking or some relevant paid ads. The latter can get expensive.

The way to fuel optimal search results is through content marketing. Start with identifying your best keywords and integrating them into the content on your website. From there, regularly publishing relevant articles on your blog is favored by Google and other search engines, and keeps subscribers engaged.

Content Marketing Tip: Coordinate your published content with what your brand shares on social media.

Social Media Marketing

The days of faceless companies that hide behind big brand names are over. Since the advent of social media, people have come to expect more from the brands they encounter.

Most business brands now have their own social media space and can communicate freely with different levels of society. Far from being companies located in skyscrapers previously enjoying elite status, they now engage with customers on a far more personal level.

Developing and nurturing these relationships benefits both company and consumer. Consumers can communicate with the people behind the brands and give their opinions, and the brands can learn from their consumers and better serve them.

Software Solutions

Software solutions are not new. In fact, software has been around for many decades, serving businesses in various ways. In recent years, however, their function has become optimized for the digital age – perhaps as a result of the success of search engine algorithms.

Today software solutions can analyze your business and performance, offering advice on how to improve on inefficiencies. Further, there is now a software solution for almost every aspect of your business. Or you might consider an integrated solution, such as those developed at Egis Technologies, Inc.

You can even use software solutions to streamline your profit margin, and your ability to increase on your bottom line. The use of software methods like revenue operations can guide your future profit decisions. So, this is one trend you should definitely monitor.

Managed IT Solutions

Since IT networks became the bedrock for operating businesses globally, it's been vital to ensure your company has a team of IT experts on hand to solve any issue that might affect your company's operation ... and revenue.

Now, that small team of expensive experts has become a large pool of 24/7 operators that can solve problems through your managed IT channels. Not all businesses are up to speed with this new model, but it has scaled significantly in recent years. It may soon entirely replace in-house personnel.  

Final Thoughts On New Business Trends Affecting Your Company

If your company is not utilizing any of the above examples of business trends above, your team has some homework to do!

We recommend evaluating the talents on your team, and taking a look at each of the five possibilities individually for plausibility. Implement the easiest first, and then one at a time.

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