Five Best Practices Of Safety In The Workplace

March 4, 2021
Are you a business leader looking for ideas to promote safety in the workplace? On-site accidents and operating with no…...
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Are you a business leader looking for ideas to promote safety in the workplace? On-site accidents and operating with no policy can be hazardous and costly. Start with these five best practices now...

Workplace Safety Tips And The Importance Of Safety In The Workplace

Stats from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that in 2019:

  • Approximately 3 million employees had varying injuries at the workplace
  • A worker died every 99 minutes from a work-related injury
  • There were 5,333 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States

Such numbers are staggering. To think such an occurrence could happen at your workplace is scary.

Safety at the workplace should be a priority, and workers must be able to thrive in a secure environment. Here are five best practices of safety in the workplace.

Get Insured

Getting insured is practical. In the event of any unfortunate incident, you have some cover.

Contact your local insurance company and discuss the possibilities. They will be in the best position to make good recommendations for health and safety in the workplace.

Insurance companies have safety experts who can audit your premises and recommend safety improvements. This will ensure your workplace is safe and there is a reduced risk of claims.

There is an almost endless selection of categories regarding insurance and your business will be able to find a suitable quote. If you’re a laborer working in garden and property maintenance, you’ll likely look for landscape design insurance or something closely similar. Being insured can in many ways make or break matters regarding your business' overall safety and finance.

Consult The Fire Marshal

One of the major causes of accidents at the workplace is fire. As a business leader, you must make sure that your site meets all local fire codes.

Consult your county or city fire marshal after making the safety improvements suggested by the insurance company. The fire department will suggest further improvements and potential fire hazards and violations.

You might also consider:

And other precautions.

Review OSHA Recommendations

Besides addressing safety concerns at your workplace, you should know and understand your legal obligations. The U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a lot of information on their website that you can review and use to make adjustments.

Following these Federal guidelines will help your organization avoid huge fines, as you will not fall foul of their recommendations when they come around to inspect. You should also consider having your employees take AED, CPR, and Red Cross first aid trainings.

Prepare A Workplace Safety Manual

Have a safety manual prepared specifically for your business. and Share this manual with:

  • Your insurance agent
  • The fire department chief
  • Your attorney

The input from these people will provide you with a better insight into what improvements to make and the legal implications you could try to avoid.

Educate Your Employees On Safety In The Workplace

After preparing the safety manual for your workplace, share it with your employees. Have them study it and then have a meeting to go over the content.

  • Explain how it will be enforced
  • Address their concerns
  • Answer any questions

Beyond this, educate your employees on best practices. Review all other safety precautions that they will need to adhere to so that you can guarantee their safety.

After this training, have your employees sign a form that indicates they have read and understood what is contained in the workplace safety manual and they will abide by the guidelines. If it is practical, make this form a part of the onboarding process for new employees.

Also prioritize conducting quarterly educational sessions on workplace safety topics to keep your employees updated and well-informed.

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