Finding Focus For Your Next Marketing Campaign

March 29, 2018
Are you a small business owner confused about your marketing plan? Here are 3 top ideas for finding focus for…...
Finding Focus For Your Next Marketing Campaign featured image

Are you a small business owner confused about your marketing plan? Here are 3 top ideas for finding focus for your next marketing campaign...

Top Ideas For Your Next Small Business Marketing Campaign

A marketing campaign can make or break the launch of a new product. If you fail to make people aware that you have new products and services on the way, or you don’t properly communicate their selling points, then you will be handicapping your marketing efforts before you’ve even launched.

In order to give your business the best possible chance against your competitors, you will need to put together a marketing strategy that effectively communicates the necessary information to customers.  Your marketing plan will benefit greatly from being as focused as possible.

You should have a clear idea of the people that you want to target with your message, and how you can entice them into buying your new products. A more focused marketing campaign will be cheaper as less time and money will be wasted pursuing fruitless leads and trying to appeal to demographics that are not relevant to your overall sales strategy.

Below are a few ideas for finding focus for your next marketing campaign.

Do Some Research

Before you set about finalizing the details of your marketing campaign, you should first gather as much detailed research as you can regarding the target demographics for your products. Once you have a clear picture of precisely who it is that you need to reach with your marketing materials you will find it much simpler to devise a campaign that focuses on the most effective ways of getting through to you target market.

There are an endless range of different ways that you can collect the information you need. Questionnaires and customer feedback are both excellent ways of ascertaining exactly who is buying your products, and what you think of them. However, in most cases you will already have a good idea of who it is that you want to target.  Establishing how to target them can be harder.

Find A Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point is a key reason that potential customers should choose your products over the competition.  For example, Citizens Bank offers their accessmoney manager service to make managing accounts online as simple as possible for their small business customers.

No matter what space you are operating in, you will almost certainly have some strong competition from other, similar businesses. Brand loyalty is a powerful thing as consumers who are already buying your competitors' products or services will take some convincing to switch to yours.

If you don’t have a unique selling point, then try and find a way of adding one - You can then make this the focus of your marketing campaign to lure potential customers.

Simplify Your Message

The most successful marketing campaigns are often the simplest.

This is not surprising when you think about how marketing campaigns are presented to the end consumer.  They are only exposed to marketing materials for a short amount of time (although they may be exposed repeatedly).  In turn, they need to be able to process any information or marketing messages as quickly as possible.


A marketing campaign which is more focused will be far easier to run and will also be much more effective when it is finally put in front of an audience.

Do everything you can to focus your marketing campaign so that it conveys the message you want most optimally to your target market.  

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