Facebook Timeline: Publishing Your Brand Page

March 7, 2012
A first look at what the new Facebook Timeline is going to do for Brands.  Join me in this overview…...
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A first look at what the new Facebook Timeline is going to do for Brands.  Join me in this overview to see how they will look and work for your business. I'll take it step by step so that you'll be ready to go when Facebook takes it live in March!

Facebook Moved The Cheese...Again!

We knew it was coming...

Sure we heard rumors...

But most did not think it would be released so quick!

Facebook Timeline - Your Brand's "Mission Control"

On February 29, 2012 Facebook held the fMC Conference and Livestreamed it for everyone to watch.

It was there, they confirmed the release of Timeline for business brands, and gave insight to new and upcoming features:

  • New page design.
  • Reach Generator.
  • Facebook Premium.
  • Offers.
  • Mobile compatible.

Idea Girl Media explains Facebook Timeline for Business Pages - Express your identity and tell your stories

They explained Facebook Timeline for brand pages as the "mission control" for everything on Facebook.  They designed it as a mechanism to express your identity as a business brand and to tell stories that reflect your brand.

Even more important - The Timeline is designed to inspire others to do the talking for your brand.  So, brands that have not had good stories to tell in the past are going to have to get their act together!

But the tools are nice.  You can now:

  • Pin posts.
  • Highlight posts.
  • Journal your brand history.
  • Put links and images in places you could not before!

Facebook Timeline: Publishing Your Brand Page

Facebook offered Facebook Page admins the opportunity to preview their new Timeline, and refer to their old design.  Many have considered this a daunting and puzzling process.  Some even nervous about publishing their brand's Timeline.

So, why not actually show you how easy it can be to publish the Timeline?

Outlined in the video below are highlights of the new Facebook Timeline for Business Pages:

An additional tip:

The size of logo image (profile thumbnail) is 180 x 180 (not 150 x 150 as mentioned in the video).

I'm actually quite excited about the opportunities that Timeline offers my business brand.

What questions do you have?

What still makes you nervous about Timeline?

Please tell me in the comments box below...  :)

Here's a live, interactive view of Idea Girl Media's Timeline


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