Endpoint Protection: This Software Is Saving Businesses

May 9, 2019
Do you know how many millions of victims of identity fraud there are? How to keep your customers and employees…...
Endpoint Protection: This Software Is Saving Businesses featured image

Do you know how many millions of victims of identity fraud there are? How to keep your customers and employees safe from data breaches? If you're not sure of either answer, you probably need to understand endpoint protection software. Discover why now...

Why You Should Secure Your Business Network With Endpoint Protection Software

Recent studies found that there have been 16.7 million victims of identity fraud. Many of these cases were attributed to data breaches suffered by corporations. For example, Target's data breach exposed millions of customers to identity theft.

While you may think that your business is too small to be targeted by cyber criminals or that your business has a huge IT team to secure your network, you could be missing one crucial key to protecting your network: endpoint protection.

Remote Possibilities

A newer trend in the workplace, many employees have their own devices and use them at work or when they work from home. This may include:

  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktop computers

And other devices that can connect through your business network to the internet.

Endpoint security protects your business network from being accessed by remote devices that could cause harm. If your company currently doesn't have a policy for employee devices, then your network may already have been exposed.

Don't underestimate the situation. Other cyber security software is necessary now to prevent DDoS and ransomware attacks. So what cyber defense plan do you have in place? Hopefully it uses one of these cyber security software applications...

Firewall And Antivirus Protection

Your system should be protected by more than one security application. However, the most important is your company's firewall. The most important question:

How well does it work to protect against everyday threats as well as much larger, targeted attacks?

If you're not sure what kind of firewall you have in place, then you can check with your network manager or IT team to see what kind of threats are prevented with your antivirus. In most cases, a basic firewall prevents threats from:

  • Automatically connecting to your network
  • Downloading viruses
  • Installing malware on devices connected to the network

However, these systems may not be enough to prevent a DDoS attack. To do that, you should secure your network infrastructure and limit access to specific individuals. This means you'll need endpoint security.

Data Loss Prevention And Encryption

When you suffer an attack, your data may become compromised. With a data breach, you not only risk losing important business applications and databases, but your customers are at risk as well.

That's why it's so important to have cyber security applications in place as well as a plan to recover your data if it is compromised. Businesses should also add a level of encryption to their data to reduce the chances of a data breach.

Endpoint Protection Software

One thing that solves a huge risk to small businesses is endpoint security. This is because you can add this software to your network to manage and monitor devices connected to your network.

If you have employees who are constantly connecting to your network through private mobile devices, then you may face several threats, especially if you don't have a policy in place on what your employees can access while on the network.

While your firewall should prevent employees or anyone on the network from accessing threatening websites, they may be able to get around these blocks. Additionally, there could be other unknown threats, such as clicking on a phishing email. However, if you have endpoint software monitoring your network, you can detect these threats and quarantine them quickly with your IT response plan.

So, endpoint protection: This software is saving businesses.



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