Could Journaling Help Female Entrepreneurs?

November 28, 2018
While the thought of journaling can sound tedious, it really is a form of new year business planning and fun…...
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While the thought of journaling can sound tedious, it really is a form of new year business planning and fun escape for female entrepreneurs. Get the details of how to do it here...

Journaling: A Project For Female Entrepreneurs To Kick The Winter Blues

The colder and darker months are an important period of hibernation and restoration. However, it can be easy to slip into a sad mood as the shorter days take hold. If only you could return to summer, just for a short while, right? 

Journaling - The Creative Escape

Escaping to winter sun is one option, but with business commitments and likely tight winter months budget dampening that dream, you can probably need to look a little closer to home.  Said another way, you'll need to get creative with your escape.

What about journaling?

Creating a journal of your year’s activities is a wonderful way to recall memories and reflect on your previous year - appreciating all that you have achieved and experienced.

How To Journal

First, go back through your calendar and identify the great things that you did over the year. The benefit of a journal rather than a diary is that you won’t feel obligated to fill in every day and you can pick and choose the best highlights.

Things to include in your journal:

  • What was it like?
  • Who did you go with?
  • What observations did you make?
  • How did it make you feel?

Second, complement your words with photographs. Even amateur photographers can take amazing images with smartphones, so print them off! You'll need a good resource - Photography enthusiasts can create quality prints even in the home using outstanding ink cartridges.

You are more likely to look at them in hard copy and spend treasured time sharing your journal, rather than scrolling through quickly on a digital screen.

Journaling - Personal Or Business

Reflecting on your past year is a wonderful way to inspire thinking about next year. This is especially helpful if you journal for business purposes.

  • What will you do differently?
  • What do you hope to do again?
  • What makes you happy? Successful?

Reflection leads to inspiration.

Your journal can now be a tool to lift your mood and help you reminisce about your experiences. Use the winter period to deepen your understanding about what you want to achieve next year. Research, make plans and be proactive in making the next year the best yet.



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