Can Facebook Live Make Social Distancing Fun?

April 11, 2020
Some people associate the words “social distancing” with quarantine and isolation. Some enjoy or tolerate remote working. Yet others are…...
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Some people associate the words "social distancing" with quarantine and isolation. Some enjoy or tolerate remote working. Yet others are finding ways to innovate in this new environment. Here's how I handled it...

What Social Distancing Means In The Era of Social Media

We're social distancing, a result of the spread of Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19. This has mainly come to mean:

  • We stay at least six feet away from everyone
  • Many work from home, not going to the workplace
  • No social gatherings

And we're washing our hands like crazy and not touching our faces.

As governors set and amend state guidelines, we are mostly in our homes. This "Coronamania" has changed the way we, as a society do everything. Most prevalently:

  • Learning - at all levels
  • Remote Working
  • Grocery shopping
  • Getting supplies
  • Receiving deliveries
  • Ordering at restaurants
  • Recreational activity

And entertainment.

That's probably just scratching the surface. My Michigan friends are telling me they can't go fishing. I'll process and confirm that story later.

Social Distancing For Good

This idea may have been a shock at first: Social distancing. But we all did it willingly - Staying home, saving lives. It was a gesture for the good of everyone everywhere.

Then it became somewhat daunting.

We began to see public service announcements with advice and encouragement as well as short, personalized statements from celebrities and social media influencers. All things evolve...

Have you heard of the Social Distancing Festival? It is a website dedicated to showcasing art and amazing talent of many types from all over the world at a time when it can't be done from a gallery or theater seat.

Did you watch the iHeart Living Room Concert? Hosted by Elton John, you could sit in the comfort of your living room to watch and listen to some of the world's top musical and entertainment talent all while raising funds for two charitable organizations.

Social distancing for good via iHeart Radio
Image credit: iHeart Radio

From my view, it was refreshing to see social media used for the intended use: Personalized, authentic engagement on a platform to chorale community.

From Ryan Reynolds via Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau:

As a big fan of Neil Diamond, I really thought his LIVE, updated version of 'Sweet Caroline' was the best example:

Those are just two examples. There were many instances worth mentioning in a later article.

Social Distancing Forced Me To Actually Use Facebook Live

See, social distancing doesn't need to be so hard! It was inspiring to see the genuine use of social media for good.

It had been quite a long time since I used Facebook Live even though I had paid for tools that would make my presentations look uber-slick. So, I began to consider how I might hop into the present and offer something to my online community.

There were snafus along the way, but I enjoyed sharing a story with children of all ages. Curious? There is much revealed in the Facebook Live video below.

Moving Forward From The COVID-19 Outbreak

I don't know if I have any solid tips for social distancing. I've found my own happy place with that. But I think many in society will miss the way life used to be. They enjoyed the close crowds in:

  • Sporting stadiums
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Community events

We can bet all types of travel categories will change.

You can't deny it: Even though the presence of Coronavirus is largely temporary, the effects will be permanent.

The best thing we can do is remember how to use our social media tools and stay flexible. Are you ready?

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