Business Rocks: Inspiration For Female Entrepreneurs #BizRocks

April 4, 2016
Women in business looking for direction & inspiration will love Business Rocks Magazine for the creative inspiration & direction for…...
Business Rocks: Inspiration For Female Entrepreneurs #BizRocks featured image

Women in business looking for direction & inspiration will love Business Rocks Magazine for the creative inspiration & direction for female entrepreneurs!  Discover three ways to benefit from this innovative resource...

Are you a female entrepreneur looking for direction and inspiration?

Women in business are a very special group of people...

Female entrepreneurs work hard.  They have to!  Women in business juggle work-life balance, pioneering new niches, trying to stay on the path to success in a world that changes 24/7/365.

To be among the top female entrepreneurs:

  • We've got to be online
  • We've got to be mobile
  • We've got to stay current on social media changes

Thank heavens we have more and more credible examples!

There are a lot of resources out there for female entrepreneurs.  However, the number of user-friendly outlets that offer good, consistent information helpful for online business today are harder to come by.

In this article you will discover: 

  • Business Rocks - Inspiration For Women In Business
  • A magazine featuring successful female entrepreneurs
  • An app that keeps you in touch - Even on the go
  • Weekly conversations with leading women in business

All at the click of a mouse or your thumb.

Business Rocks - Inspiration For Women In Business

[caption id="attachment_4865" align="alignright" width="300"]Business Rocks Magazine Offers Inspiration for Women In Business as described by Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media Image credit: Business Rocks Magazine[/caption]

Successful female entrepreneurs concerned about business growth make continued learning a priority.  Business Rocks is a magazine that speaks to that necessity by featuring women in business already succeeding at what they do.

You get to benefit from insight others have learned on their journeys as female entrepreneurs.  They also share what is working for them.  In other words, real life insight from other professionals doing what you may want to do.

Over time, the Business Rocks magazine has featured top 10 female entrepreneurs in their field, as well as terrific working gentlemen, so it is a diverse online publication that you can count on.  For female entrepreneurs under 30, this is a great and frugal resource as you make your way.

Business Rocks - Multiple Ways To Access Inspiration

We touched on the Business Rocks online magazine.  Keep up with it on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag, #BizRocks.

What should impress you is the customized app.

Where some apps take weeks and even several tries to approve, the new app for Business Rocks was approved in just a few days!  Access your subscription on your mobile through the app.  Share with your friends with the hashtag, #BizFix.

So, credible AND convenient!  And, available on iOS and Android.

Business Rocks - Blab About It

Talk about keeping up on social media changes... Have you blabbed yet?

If you're not sure what I mean, instead of GoTo Meeting, Google+ Hangouts, and the like, people are now, "blabbing."  This is not a frivolous use of energy -- Rather a newer way of exchanging ideas on a social media platform.

Business Rocks publisher, Emma Burford, hosts a weekly Blab.  She invites female entrepreneurs to share their insight through conversation and Q&A.

Subscribe to the @BizRocksWomen Blab, and you can opt to actively participate in any session.  Or, listen while you work and make the most of your time.

It's really a lot of fun -- I was fortunate enough to Blab with Emma!

During our conversation we talked about:

  • How Emma and I met online
  • Current social media landscape
  • What female entrepreneurs should be doing to take their business long-term
  • My Insider's Club for entrepreneurs interested in networking and collaborating for success

Our Blab and additional details about Business Rocks and the accompanying app can be found here.  Future Blabs will offer new insight on helpful business topics - Especially regarding online marketing and social media.

Special Offer

Emma has extended a special offer to my readers!

Get a FREE 3 Month Subscription to the Business Rocks magazine.  Sign up at - And you will be prompted through instructions.

Pretty cool, eh?  :)

So, to sum it up, Business Rocks is a consistent stream of business insights you can count on.

Female Entrepreneurs - Your Turn

Did you watch or listen to the Business Rocks Blab?

What other women in business should know about it?

Please share your thoughts and questions in the comment box below...

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