Beautiful Branding Techniques You Don’t Want To Forget

November 17, 2018
Want to create a winning business brand your customers will love? Here are seven branding techniques to start with and…...
Beautiful Branding Techniques You Don’t Want To Forget featured image

Want to create a winning business brand your customers will love? Here are seven branding techniques to start with and take into the future...

7 Branding Techniques To Create A Winning Business Brand

When it comes to getting your branding on point, there are a number of different factors to consider. Standing out in a saturated market is a tricky task that you will need to face up to one day, so why not start the process now?

Beautiful branding is all about making people remember your company’s name instantly, whether it’s through:

  • Striking color
  • Strong social media presence
  • Bold website

Your goal is to boost brand awareness right now so that your business can begin to flourish and grow.

Think about those well-known brands that you use every single day. What kind of strategies do they use? You might be captivated by the simplicity of the certain brand names or the clever ways their employees wear their brand badge with pride. You can start to adopt some of these methods for your very own business, so that people start building up their interest around your company.

If you’re not sure where to begin, some of the following brilliant branding techniques will set you on the right path. You might find that some of these ideas work perfectly for your business right now, and others would be better suited at another time. Simply keep an open mind and see if you can apply them to your business brand.

Employee Uniformity

There are distinct uniforms and badges that you associate with famous brands; this is a very useful technique that you could optimize.

When designing your employees' work wear you could consider the style of clothing and lanyards they wear to represent your brand. You can use your brand color and logo to make everybody in your workforce look uniform and professional.

Lanyards are a vital part of many businesses. Every individual in your company should be identifiable, whether they work in a: 

  • Store
  • Office building
  • Corporate event

Everyone will soon know your brand and what you represent.

Branding Techniques Using Employee Uniformity

Wonderful Website

Your website is probably one of the first things your online audiences will see, so you need to make it appropriate for your brand.

Use your brand colors to design the site and make sure your logo is clear and distinct at the top of each page. Try not to overload your website with too many words otherwise your online viewers will be overwhelmed by the amount of information in front of them.

Depending on your industry, you should use appropriate images and dynamic videos to complement the content on the page. Make people want to visit your website, and your brand will soon be recognizable to your target demographic.

Branding Techniques For Your Wonderful Website

Packaging And Labels

When you send your products off to consumers, you want your packaging and labels to perfectly represent your brand. You need to spend some time designing the ideal packaging for every product your business offers for sale, so that it sticks in costumer minds.

Think carefully about the materials you are using, because consumers are now looking for ways to help the environment and reduce plastic waste. For example if you are targeting an environment-friendly audience, you will find it beneficial to use recyclable packaging so you aren’t offending environmental advocates.  At the same time, be savvy, packaging should also be visually appealing to your demographics.

Smart Social Media

When it comes to building your brand on social media, there are several ways to approach. Most importantly, you want to be sure that your social media pages are consistent and in keeping with your brand message.

It may take a while for you to come up with a strategy that works well for your business. Spend some time looking at your competitor’s Instagram feeds or Facebook pages and you might be able to get a hint of inspiration from here. You might also hire a strategist to save time and ensure a good plan to follow.

Savvy Slogans

There are so many businesses out there with memorable and recognizable slogans that really work for their brand. If you don’t have a special catchphrase or quirky tagline that depicts your brand message then it’s time to start thinking.

This will really help your brand become memorable. so try to use your imagination to create something that it really catchy. Use alliteration and other proven wording techniques to make your slogan the most appealing to your audience.

Savvy Slogans And Branding Techniques

Email Templates

Interesting emails are difficult to come by these days and most readers instantly delete or file them away; it is your job to be clever and captivate your email subscribers.

When you send out marketing emails you need to make sure that you are using your branding in the headers and footers, so that the recipient knows that it’s from your business.  Think about:

  • Punchy subject lines
  • Attention grabbing opening lines
  • Bold images 

Compose your messaging so your readers will enjoy.

Happy Hues

The color of your logo says a lot about your company, so think carefully when designing your entire website and logo.

A lot of famous online brands choose the color blue to represent their brand because it's:

  • Slick
  • Professional 
  • A neutral shade that can be used in lighter and darker tones

If you are an environmentally friendly brand, then you might find that green is more suited to your ethos.

Think carefully about what your brand stands for and choose the colors accordingly. This will be with you and your business forever, so don’t rush the decision making process! 

Beautiful Branding Techniques You Don't Want To Forget

Every business approaches branding in a completely different way. Although everybody is essentially striving for the same goal, you will find your own special spin on branding techniques. What works for your friend’s business might not work for you, so it’s up to you to explore the different options available to you and your brand.

Whether you want to prioritize social media or spend more time on a captivating slogan, you will soon find the ideal elements that works for you and your business. Give worthwhile ideas a try and you will soon have an array of branding techniques others will applaud.



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