April Fools Day: Pranks And Mishaps

April 1, 2011
So, are you one to play April Fools Day pranks? Or are you the one snickering off to the side…?…...
April Fools Day: Pranks And Mishaps featured image

Idea Girl Media describes her April Fools Day 2011 Google Motion ExperienceSo, are you one to play April Fools Day pranks?

Or are you the one snickering off to the side...?

Evidently, fooling your friends online is widely spread!  The Bronx Zoo Cobra was a pretty big deal -- Ryan Seacrest of American Idol even got in the game.

April Fools Day 2011

Just another ordinary day...

Or is it?

Gmail Motion

Have you ever wished that you could snap your fingers and everything you are thinking in your head would magically appear on-screen?  I often do.  What a huge time-saver!!

Well, Google brought Gmail Motion to us just today!  See the photo of a Google employee demonstrating how your actions will save typing time and transfer words right to the screen.  A dream, right?  April Fools!

I was excited.  And giggled.  See the video yourself for more chuckles.

Google didn't stop there...

Google Autocompleter

So you're typing something in to Google Search, and you type it incorrectly.  Who gets you where you need to go?  I laughed.  You will too.

Lets check it out:

What's Princess Leia in a metal bikini got to do with it???

Didn't you watch the video??

I also saw trends on Google making the type-font Cosmic Sans the default for all websites.  Another April Fools Day Prank!

Now for a nostalgic quality...

The Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911:

Didn't YouTube fake us out pretty well?

Did you see the special YouTube logo made special for today? Of course, YouTube wasn't even thought of in 1911.

Media Muffins

Idea Girl Media included Savory Muffins in her Media Muffins Enewsletter on April Fools Day!

If you receive my bi-weekly E-newsletter, you are already privvy to a recipe for Savory Muffins.

Dollops of delicious creamy frosting.  Baked, golden brown...

Or are they...?

They're actually with sun dried tomatoes and lemon topping.  If you're still looking for options for a weekend meal, here's the recipe!

Not receiving Media Muffins?  Contact me for personal delivery!  :)


So, it's all giggles and laughs today, right?  No!

In effort to give a guy some link love and pump up his wonderful article, I erred.  BIG.

It appears that in a message to many, I identified this gentleman as an Ohio Congressman.   Not a well-known online marketing strategist, former AIG Marketing executive, and former United States Air Force serviceman.

When this was brought to my attention, my heart sank.  I did not feel like joking around.

I'm a stickler for details, and I am insistent with others on this very thing.  Sigh.

So, to give this seasoned professional his proper salute...

No Foolin' Around

Folks, it is going to be essential that we take our business thoughts to the global sphere.  We can choose to do that, or choose to go out of business.  That simple.

Michael R.H. Stewart of Jericho Technology, Inc. puts it very well in the following article:

6 Reasons To Take Your Online Business Global

Read it, absorb it, bookmark it.

And then go global - No foolin' around!

So, how was your day?

Were you the fool, or fool-ee?

What are your plans to go global??

Tell me below - No joke!  :)



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